Today is my first day back at work after the Christmas break, and I always find it difficult to get back in to the routine of normal after Christmas, I find January a hard month, it’s so cold and dark and we have put away the glitter of Christmas. In order to help me deal with what I know will be a difficult time I have certain coping strategies, one of which is to give myself things to look forward too, only small things and never many days away just so that there is something nice on the horizon.

Like today for example, I have made myself an extra nice lunch, nothing too extravagant just something a bit out of the ordinary, something which when I am flagging about 10 am I can think… ohhhh lunch soon.  I also have several nice days out planned with Boo for this week, one of which is a walk to our local park, which will be on whichever none work day  has the nicest weather, again it’s something simple (and free) but it really gives the day/week a positive edge! I know how much Boo loves the park and the outdoors, and her smiles, laugh and evident delight are infectious!


Boo and these little things really help me stay positive until the days get longer and everything feels more uplifting.

I love the idea of photos, and I do take lots and lots but I never really sort them out, I just back them up and occasionally look through them once I have decided which ones I want for my blog/instagram, so I really like the idea of essentially picking my favourite photo of the day or the photo which sums up the day, so the 365 project is perfect!

I also hope that it will help my photo-taking skills!

So here goes….

Summary 1-3

1. Boo playing with one of her Christmas presents, but she looks so deep in serious thought, I wonder what she is thinking about.

2. Boo loves her trampoline and even after a few short days has become a bit of a daredevil on it!

3. I came back to the living room to find Boo like this, she looked like she was having such a giggle =)


TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

New Year and a lovely new linky discovery =D

I really love the idea of this linky… so here goes…

I have too many books in my too read pile, but I have been reading lots of blog posts this week and lots of books to Boo.  My favourite to read to her this week (and always) is On the night you were born, it always bring a happy tear to my eye.

Currently watching Farscape with the hubby on a night, just one episode, he bought be the full series on bluray for my birthday, so far we are on season two. Also saw Frozen for the first time yesterday and I really enjoyed watching it and Boo seemed to like it, she stopped and danced to the songs anyway!

Mainly wear in jeans and Christmas is no different, I did wear my shiny pink Dr Martens to a family meal which was nice as I usually just live in my walking boots.

My favourite song at the minute is Outside by Calvin Harris/Ellie Goulding I love that song and could have it on repeat!

Christmas Cards for family and friends with Boo … it was so much fun, if not a bit messy. I left it a bit late and some of them only just arrived in time!



And Lastly…

I am really enjoying playing with Boo and all her new Christmas presents especially the Mega Bloks





I saw a year long bucket list idea on WhatTheRedheadSaid for 2014, most recent post here. And I think it is such a amazing idea that I have decide to create a 2015 bucket list of my own in the hope that I can pack as many fun things in to 2015 as I can =)

Take Boo to the Pantomine (Christmas)
Go Ice Skating with the Hubby
Read at least 12 books (for me)
Boo to meet her half brothers for the first time
Take Boo to build a bear
Take Boo to the seaside for the first time
Take Boo swimming for the first time
Learn to drive
Introduce Bedtime Story in to Boo’s bedtime routine
Go to the cinema with the Hubby
Make a book advent calendar for Boo for December
Bake Boo’s 2nd Birthday Cake

I am not sure how much of this list will get done, I hope everything and I may add things in that I have forgotten and desperately want to add, I will try to remember to update this post throughout the year.

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