We have been using grobags for Boo to sleep in on a night for quite a few months, and I find them great a Boo is a right wriggler and kicks of blankets and the  wakes up cold.  So when the weather turned colder I decided to buy some grosuits so that Boo’s arms don’t get cold.

I ordered two grosuits from their website.  I ordered them late Sunday and I was pleasantly surprised that they arrive with the post on Tuesday!


The grosuits are just like sleepsuits but with the arm quilted, this is really good as I did worry once the weather started to turn that Boo would get cold arms.  We ordered them in a size up from the clothes that Boo normally wears so that she would be comfortable on a night and that they would last until the end of the winter.




They are really well made, and the arms are quilted but not too thick that they prevent movement.  They do keep Boo’s arms nice and warm even if the room gets a bit chilly and we don’t have to have her in lots of layers so that she would get too warm overall.  I really like design of the grosuits, they match a couple of the grobags that we have (I am a sucker for a matching set of things!)

The pack of two cost me just over £10 which I think is really good value for money, as I have paid not much less than that for a couple of ordinary sleepsuits.

I would definitely recommend the combination of a grobag/grosuit combination especially if you have a wiggley baby who likes nothing better than to escape their blankets.


Family Fever

We have had a poorly Boo for the last couple of weeks, she has just got over one thing and the next things seems to have hit. Boo is currently suffering with tonsillitis, bronchiolitis and to top it off we have had tooth number 8 over the weekend.  She had been really very poorly and I have had another bout of mastitis too, so mix all this together with the rush of Christmas and my blog has been very quiet… I am hoping that now Boo has got the right medication and that I am feeling better too, I might actually find time to do some blogging (and to finish my Christmas shopping)!!


I just hope  Boo is feeling better for for her birthday later this week!

Obviously the correct thing to do when sitting on Santa’s knee is to pick your nose…

I can’t even deny it and say she is telling him to Shhhh! as that’s not much better!





The big day has arrived! Father Christmas is coming to Cannock Chase! How exciting. We decide to take Boo to see Father Christmas arrive and the to see the man himself! She was only a tiny tiny baby last December (her birthday is the 13th Decmember) so she missed out on seeing Father Christmas before her first Christmas.

I must say what a lovely time we had there.  It was very very busy as expected but I can honestly say that it was magnificent.  Father Christmas arrived on a sleigh pulled by reindeer and it was so lovely to see a sea of excited faces, children and adults! Boo is still to young to really know what it happening, but she did seem to enjoy the atmosphere and had a good old nosey at everything that was going on.


After Father Christmas had arrived and got settled they started allowing the children in to see him, well a say him, I mean them (in a very discreet fashion at the end of the walk through the grotto the path split in two and a very lovely lady sent children one and a time into the alternate Santa’s room, and the way the queue and the whole area was set up I nearly didn’t notice.  It meant that queue wasn’t too horrendous.  The ticket system worked by given people an hour time slot in which they could queue, meaning that the queue didn’t get too long and children didn’t get too bored, overexcited etc.  The two Santas also helped keep things moving. As this is a place where local, and not so local go to buy their real Christmas Tree so it is always amazingly busy.


The grotto which you had to walk/queue though was amazing, and there was such attention to detail it really did keep all the children I could see around me occupied, looking at the displays and there were several activities such as ‘How many Fairies can you see?’ We also managed to spy The Gruffalo, who had decided to get involved in the Christmas Festivities and take a break from being the focus of  The Gruffalo Trail. There was also a story to read about Christmas Trees which I thought was very cute.


The room in which Father Christmas was in was amazing, lots of old fashioned wooden toys and in a lovely wooden hut, exactly how I would imagine where Father Christmas spends his time, with a huge sack of toys for all the nice children.  Boo got a baby reindeer teddy and a baby Christmas Tree which we are going to plant and keep for her, (provided we don’t managed to kill it like we usually do our plants).  The baby Christmas Tree is such a lovely special idea, and it really adds to the whole experience.


The price was not too bad, £6 for Boo and £1 for each adult, now we had taken my parents along with us, as Boo is their first grandchild and they were very excited. So all in it cost us £10 which I honestly think is a fair price for the whole experience and the reindeer teddy and the baby Christmas Tree. But obviously this would be cheaper if there hadn’t been four adults. In all honesty I don’t know why they charge for adults I haven’t seen this before, but then again I have never been to see Father Christmas as an adult and so don’t really know if this is standard practice?

Overall it was an amazing experience and I honestly think we will go every year with Boo, the whole thing had a very magical Christmassy feel was was the perfect way to start Christmas off.

Family Fever
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