Wow, I can’t believe I am publishing my 100th post already. It seems like a blur, I wrote my ‘Introduction’ post back in June 2014 and then nothing until August 2014.   A bit of a jittery start to the blog, but from August it seems that I got in to the swing of things and I can honestly say that I love having my blog and being able to post about my adventures with Boo and making a record I can keep of her childhood.

My only wish is that I started blogging earlier! My pregnancy was hard for various reason and I think being able to talk about it, share it and interact with other people in similar situations would have helped me immensely. And it might have prompted me to take more bump photos, as I think I have 2 or 3 and that’s it!

Blogging has not only given me a way to share my adventures with Boo, but also given me an outlet for my thoughts which I may have had not real place for without my blog.  It’s also prompted me to take more photos, and to try to get better at taking photos, so that I have these memories forever and show them to Boo when they are older.

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It’s feels like I have reached a milestone with my blog, and at a time when I am considering the possibility of moving to selfhosted. I can only wonder where I am going to be and what my blog is going to be like when I am posting my 200th post!!

I have ‘met’ some lovely people through blogging and by reading their amazing blogs I have gained insight, knowledge, and witnessed moments of laughter and sadness,  and through the comments I have gained advice and ideas.

I have some blog related goals which I have been thinking about for a while, one of which is to move to selfhosted, and probably change the name of my blog as Boo is not going to be a baby forever, though I think she will definitely cause chaos forever! I also want to become more knowledgeable about social media, I love twitter and want to use that and instagram more, but I would also like to utilise pinterest and google+ more.

My 100th post, a great place to look back and reflect and look forward and plan!

I recent bought these Hape Wooden Qubes Farm Animals, I saw them on sale and bought them on a whim and I am really glad I did, as Boo loves them.

My Review of the Hape Wooden Farm Animals

I bought them with the intention of starting to teach Boo about different animals, (and of course because I am a sucker for wooden toys).  We have been using them to sing Old MacDonald and learn the different animal names and noises, and Boo has also been giving them a good old chew.  Boo has also started to stack them, when the blocks are laying on their side, which is unusual for Boo as she usually just likes to knock things over and take them apart!


They come in a plastic tube which can be used to store them in, and a lovely handle with a wooden heart.  It’s finishing touches like this which make things seem a bit special, and I think they would make a really lovely gift.

The Wooden Farm Animals are for 12 months+ and contain 12 lovely painted farm animals, there are other packs available, such as Safari Animals, Sea Animals & Dinosaurs, all of which looked lovely and brightly coloured and I think Boo would love to play with any of the packs.


I paid £4.99 for these wooden farm animals in a sale and I think they were well worth it.  I can see Boo getting a lot of use out of them.  They are very versatile and can be used for learning about animals, the names and noises and are a great prop for songs like Old MacDonald.

Family Fever

Boo’s favourite word at the minute is Hiya! She says it all the time.  If she sees anyone she recognises,  or walks in to the room you are in, or someone new arrives, she waits baited breathe looking at the door to the hallway from the living room to shout hiya at whoever arrives or if the phone rings, or she is just in a good mood she will say (and then yell) hiya! repeatedly until you say hiya back. She always has a great big smile on her face when she is saying it.  We get other words too, like hiya dadda or hiya mamma or hiya some lovely musical sounds.  It’s lovely that she is wanting to interact with the world around her, and her face just lights up when you reply.

If the phone rings she will hold whatever is in her hand at the time up to her ear and shout hiya (I am wondering if I talk to loud when I am on the phone!) or if I am on the phone she will just shout hiya until someone acknowledges her, at least we know she is determined to be heard!


I can’t wait to see which new words Boo learns next and what her next favourite word will be (fingers crossed it isn’t No!) It’s so exciting to see hear learn not only the meaning of words but also how to use them herself.  It truly is magical.


Little Hearts, Big Love

It’s been a strange week for us this week, and I have been ill, so on day 11 I took a solitary photo, which was lucky in some ways, but I feel sad about in others as it is not a picture of Boo and I wanted to take a year of Boo photos, but it’s Boo related so I will just have to live with the blip and cut myself some slack as I was pretty much bedridden that day.


11. Having a cuddle with daddy, and seizing the change to have a quick nibble on the zip of his top! Multitasking at it finest!



12. Delivery for Boo… I love getting parcels, especially when the contain a lovely new waterproof coat for Boo! Helped to brighten up the day as I was poorly and feeling very sorry for myself!



13. Boo spent a good 20 minutes running around with two fistfuls of mini gingerbread men which she had stolen! slowly eating some of them, dropping some of them and the when only one partial gingerbread man remained, inspecting it in minute detail.



14. Finally we have some hair! Boo’s gorgeous soft lovely hair, adorable!



15. Fun at the park, even when it’s cold it can still be lots of fun (in her new coat – which kept her so warm she kept taking her gloves and hat off!)15


16. The best place to store food for later… is in your hair!16


17. Boo loves sitting on or messing about with this been bag, and it is the perfect place to sit and watch Daddy whilst eating a biscuit.

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