This was a present from my brother and his wife when Boo was born.  It’s really funny and gives you a good laugh in those hazy newborn days of no sleep and endless nappy changes. The book is obviously not meant to be taken seriously but it is seriously funny. The simple diagrams give you a plain how to and how not to guide to dealing with a newborn, covering everything from feeding, lifting and changing your little bundle of joy!


The book includes ‘The Wheel of Responsibility which claims to keep parents ‘fair, honest and un-divorced’ I don’t know about that because I totally believe the wheel is weighted and lands on Mom far more often than Dad!! Because the book is cardboard as Boo has got older we have started letting her play with it, supervised of course and she loves to spin the wheel, and she wins every time!

A few of my favourite pages are;


Just in case you needed any guidance! Breastfeeding can be tricky!



Oh cot TV’s what an amazing idea! If only!



Don’t pick baby’s nose! Who would have guessed!



Can you imagine! Yukyukyuk!! This one make me spit my tea out the first time I saw it!



Just in case anyone was wondering!



Definitely vital advice which should be followed at all costs!

I think this book is great and so very funny, and I think it’s a great idea for a present for any friends/relatives who are soon to be first time parents, my husband and I have a laugh reading it as did everyone we showed it to.



Family Fever

I know that Boo is only 9 months old (10 months old next week!!) but I have had so many proud mummy moments already so maybe this list should be version 1.0 hehe. So, in no particular order….

1. Holding her on my chest for the first time in the birthing pool – it’s an amazing indescribable feeling and made every moment of the HG pregnancy worth it. I was really lucky in that I got to have my planned water birth, it nearly wasn’t to be (I went in to labour a few hours after my midwife had booked the induction for after the weekend!) as when my waters broke there was mec in them, and I was about to get out of the pool when Boo was born!

2. Boo’s First Smile – It was just amazing, and I was so proud she was looking at me at the time her whole face lit up and the difference between the wind grimaces and intentional smiles are so obvious at that point.

3. Pulling herself up to standing – she looked so very proud and still does, she puffs her little chest out and makes a noise so we can all look at her =)


Or more recently she keeps quiet so she can get up to more mischief!IMG_0720

4. Crawling – It was so great to see her getting about under her own steam and it wasn’t long before she was chasing us!


5. Breastfeeding – The fact that both Boo and I reached the 6 month mark for breastfeeding (and are still going strong!) despite having the deal with acid reflux and mastitis among other things.

6. First Time on a swing – just highlights for me how fast she is grown and I know that before I know it she will be running around the local playground!

IMG_05727. Waving and Clapping – Boo started to wave and clap at about the same time, she did them both all the time for a couple of week and now doesn’t really clap any more, but she loves to wave….

8. Walking in to her room after she woke up to find her standing up to greet me, it was amazing and such a lovely surprise to see her great big beaming smile  over the edge of her cot.

9. Trying to put her shoes on – I actually missed this one, but while my mum was looking after Boo she made repeated and deliberate attempts to put her shoes on to her feet.

10. Helping Mummy – Boo seems really switched on and loves to help me, be it putting her arm or legs into her clothes, or helping to hold her medication syringe while we are giving her it. I feel so proud when I can see she has made a conscious effort to help, or to do something to interact with me or my husband.

11. Walking with help – Boo can’t walk yet but she loves to hold hands and walk around the house, she always looks so proud while she is walking around and makes lots of noise to let everyone know she is there. I makes me feel so proud and happy and also excited as I know she will soon be walking!

IMG_088912. Feeding herself with a spoon – Boo has only recently started to do this, and she is so very messy still, but she definately tries to copy mummy and daddy when she is handed a spoon, sometimes she even gets the right end! and sometimes she gets the right end and it has food on it!

IMG_1160I am sure there are hundreds more moments in these last nine months when I have felt so very proud of her but these definitely stick out in my mind.


The List

We finally thought we had things on track with Boo’s acid reflux, things had been getting progressively better since we started weaning and once she finally started to eat a bit more solid food. She has been on a small dose of Ranitidine for a while, (which we hadn’t had to up with her weight which was great) so we finally decided to try to slowly reduce the dose to see if Boo could be weaned off it completely (All dosage changes are talked through and agreed with Boo’s GP). We  reduced it to by one tenth and kept it at that level for a week, and just as we were about to reduce it by a small amount again the symptoms started again. It’s so frustrating. For Boo hiccups are the first sign, she’ll get them 4 or 5 times the first day and they last for ages, things then get worse from there.

So we are back up to the previous dose as we need to make sure things are under control.  The sad thing is that the meds take a few days to start working again, so we have a few bumpy days until things are sorted. I am reluctant to try and reduce the dosage again though obviously we will have to wait a few weeks at least before we do try again.

Dealing with reflux has been so difficult for Boo and for my husband and I, to start with we were told Boo had colic but it was soon apparent that this was wrong, as things didn’t match up.  Luckily the G.P was great  prescribing medication for Boo and the third type of medication we tried helped to managed Boo’s symptoms.

It is so incredible difficult to watch your tiny baby crying and suffering and in pain and not be able to do anything about it. You feel so helpless and small.  I am breastfeeding Boo and it was a really heartbreaking to deal with the fact that I would feed her and then she would be in pain.  It felt like I was causing her pain, I felt guilty about so many thing, the fact I couldn’t really ease her suffering, the fact that we had to give her all these different types of medication until we found the right one (it felt so wrong to be giving my baby these alien medications especially as we had decided to breastfeed because I wanted keep things as natural as possible).

Another element to deal with in all of this is health professionals. We were lucky because Boo had a doctor who understood and was willing to prescribe her medication, but some people aren’t so lucky. And unfortunately our health visitor was not as understanding.  I overheard her (not long after Boo was diagnosed) telling other parents at a drop in clinic that ‘acid reflux was fashionable now’. I cannot express how small those words made me feel. A thousand questions exploded in my mind… were we imagining things? was it just colic? could Boo do without her meds? what if these meds are unnecessary and they have side effects? why Boo? why does Boo have to have this problem?

I really wish I could take Boo’s pain away (I know it sounds cliched)  I really wish that Boo didn’t have to deal with this. I am glad that when she is older Boo won’t remember this. I know I shouldn’t waste time wishing for things that can not happen and I need to focus on making sure Boo’s reflux is managed as well as possible so she remains as symptom-less as we can manage.

As I write this Boo is upstairs napping after a bad morning where she has thrown up several times in the couple of hours she has been awake because for some reason today her acid is fighting back with vengeance, I just have to hope that these bumpy, sicky days get less and less often…

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