I am linking up with ButWhyMummy for this post, and her fabulous #LittleLoves linky.  It’s such a lovely post to write, thinking about the headings and it really is a positive start to the weeked, I am looking forward to doing this on a weekly basis.

I am still searching for some ever elusive time to an actual book for me, but this week I have read, Boo’s summary from her days at nursery.  It’s so nice to see what she has been up to and what she had eaten and it nice to see that instead of 1/2 there are full smiley faces next too all the meals and snacks because she is actually eating more solid foods now.

Bodyshockers – this popped up in My Shows on the TiVo box, I didn’t even know it was back on, the series link must have carried over.  I really like Katie Piper, and it’s so interesting to see her try to dissuade people from making mistakes, or at least just get them to really consider things.  It’s not really the type of programme I usually watch but it was really good.

My new Rohan socks which I got for Christmas, they are so comfy and bright pink! Can’t go wrong. And they go so well with the new walking boots I got for Christmas too =)

Boo laughing at the television for the first time, and I actually managed to capture it on video, it is the best sound ever! That video makes me smile every time I watch/hear it.

An effort to get out of the house more (and not just to the shops for chocolate as I wrote about in my New Year’s Resolutions. And it has made me feel a lot better, all the fresh air, or achieving my goal for my first week I don’t know but it really has made me feel better.

And Lastly…
I love my family, it was great to spend Christmas with them and it has really highlighted how much we all miss each other when work and life in general mean we can’t spend as much time together as we would like, but my brother and his wife are moving closer to our house and my mum’s house (who only lives 5 minutes away from me) so we will get to see each other a lot more =D


Now what Boo’s birthday and Christmas are past I have got a list of things I want to buy Boo, just things that I will probably buy her over the course of the year, she got vouchers/money for some of her presents and so I will be putting the money away and spending the vouchers on things I think she needs/wants – I am pretty sure I am addicted to shopping for things for her!

I have already been out and bought her a trampoline and Vtech’s Cora the Smart Cub in the sales. Both of which were definitely good buys.

1. A Trunki Toddlepak – now that Boo is walking and wants to walk everywhere rather than sit in the pram, and refused too hold hands! I think this will be a great thing, I like the idea of the two different ‘settings’ on the reigns. I have read a fair few reivews of this and only heard good things.

2. HappyLand Toys – I really wanted to get Boo some HappyLand toys for Chirstmas but I had kind of blown my budget on other things so I will be getting her some for Easter I think, I have my eye on the Zoo and the Farm.

3. Some Cartoon Dvds – now that Boo is a little more into the TV, she started to giggle at it several times yesterday I would like to get her some more cartoon dvds so that we can watch what we want when we want.  I am thinking disney movies (I own some, and Boo was lucky enough to get Frozen from her grandparents for Christmas) and possibly some others, I need to have a look properly.

4. A Pair of  Shoes – from Clarks, Boo currently has some of the cruising shoes with the very flexible soles, because when we got her them at the end of November she wasn’t totally confident walking around yet, and they didn’t have any of the walker styles I liked in a 3. So I think in the next couple of weeks we will be taking her back to get measured and get her a walker pair, especially now that she is walking around a lot more outside.

5. Dresses – Now that Boo is walking I would like to get her some more dresses/tights.  She hasn’t really worn them recently as she got annoyed catching them if she needed to crawl.

6. A waterrpoof jacket and wellies… I have been looking for a while for a jacket for Boo, but I can’t seem to find one that I like, looking online isn’t really helpful because I like to be able to feel what they are like.  And wellies for puddle stomping – obviously a must!!

I am sure that this list will get even longer as the year progresses but that will do for now!!


The List

This is Boo looking very impressed with her new MegaBloks…

She insisted on sitting in the box and then complained because the bloks were obviously uncomfortable so then she wanted to be helped out… then she she got back in the box… and repeat….



I was really excited when I was contacted to do a review of the Haberman anywayup Bird Cup and Sippy Cup, I have had some trouble getting Boo to drink from cups and have tried all sorts of types from free flow to non drip and designs and styles so more styles of cups to try was definitely a good thing.

I will start with the Bird Cup as this is the one that Boo has used the most. It is also my favourite in terms of design, I love the bright green colour and I love the design, so cute.


It’s a refreshing change from either pink/blue combinations. The see-through ‘belly’ of the bird lets you see how much water has is left, which is handy as I do like to keep an eye on this as I worry that Boo doesn’t drink enough.

The spout of the cup is different from the other cups we have tried and reminds me almost of a variflow teat from a bottle, the more that Boo sucks the faster the water comes out, which I think is a good idea and would be very helpful for babies who are moving from bottle to cup.

The fact that Boo even entertains the idea of drinking from this cup is a success to be honest but the fact that she actually reaches out for it, and actually seems to enjoy using the cup, is something which I could never have imagined.


I think it is due to the style of the spout, even though she has never really taken to bottles either, but I think that fact that she is in control of how much water comes out is the key thing.

For me, I love the fact that the cup is simply a ‘cup’ and a lid, no little bits which need to be taken apart and cleaned, (great for timesaving!) And the non spill spout means that I can just keep it in my changing bag when we are out and about and don’t have to worry about it, or keep track of a lid. The Anywayup Bird Cup holds up to 250ml which is enough to not need refilling even if you are out for a while.  It is also dishwasher and microwave safe too.

All in all I can say I really like the Haberman anywayup Bird Cup, and more importantly Boo likes using it, drinking from it, and biting it!  I would definitely recommend it.

The second cup is the Haberman anywayup 360 and although it is mean for 18 months plus I have given it too Boo to try a couple of times and I am surprised at how fast she picked up how to drink from it!


The design means that the cup can be drank from at any point on the rim, but the plastic disc inside means that water does not pour out everywhere if it is tipped up too far, great for when babies are learning to control how to drink from a ‘proper’ cup and it really does bridge the gap between a free flow sippy cup and a ‘normal’ cup.


It is also microwave and dishwasher safe, and dismantles easily for cleaning.  Even though it seems to come apart in lots of pieces it is easy and quick to fit back together again. The lid also means that even if it is upside down in your bag there will be no spills!


The design of the cup is great, simple and I think Boo will get a lot of use out of this over the next few months, I also think it will be handy even when she is drinking from a ‘normal’ cup to have to use when we go out and we need to stay clean with no spills!


I have also been given a third cup, a very funky Haberman anywayup Cow Cup to giveaway!  I love the design, it’s neutral gender-wise and very striking looking!


The Cow Cup is dishwasher and microwave safe, and holds up to 250ml.  It has the same non-spill spout as the bird cup and I don’t doubt it will be every bit as fantastic as Boo’s Bird Cup!  For a chance to win this lovely cup please enter via the rafflecopter website below. Competition ends on the 23/01/15.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Boo and I were sent the Haberman Bird & 360 Toddler cups for the purpose of this review.  However, all opinions are my (and Boo’s) own and are honest.

Family Fever

I must so I am so excited about a new linky From the Mouth of Babes hosted by the lovely Louise over at LittleHeartBigLove.  It is such a great idea, and even though Boo isn’t really speaking more than a few words I already have ideas for a few posts and I am sure Boo will provide me with the subject matter for many more soon enough!

I am also linking up with Jaime at The Oliver’s Madhouse and the wonderful Magic Moments Linky, there are always so many great posts to read here.

And finally, I am sharing a smile with The Crumby Mummy’s Share a Smile linky, which is helping us stay positive =D

So here goes!

Boo was being grumpy, and would’t settle, she didn’t want to sit with me, she didn’t want to sit with my hubby, and she didn’t want to be set down.  So I asked her if she could say ‘Mardy Bumbiddy’ which is what I call her when she is being like this, and without missing a beat she said… ‘Mama!’ The cheek!!


Boo 1 : Mummy 0

She is going to be so cheeky I just know it!


Little Hearts, Big Love



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