I am not sure if I was feeling brave or just plain stupid this morning but I figured it would be a good idea to jump on the scales (step tentatively with one eye closed) and see where the magical numbers stopped…

I have already decided to make some changes to my diet and lifestyle as part of my New Years resolutions as I have been feeling like I have been letting so many things slide, and my intake of chocolate at times is just plain crazy!

I feel like I have also used the fact that I am breastfeeding Boo, not as an ‘excuse’ but possibly as a justification to eat probably more than I should do/need to… Not all bad things mind, I do try to eat well I just eat more than I should.

Anyway I weigh now, exactly the same as I did before I became pregnant with Boo, which is good in some ways, but bad in others as I probably should lose a few pounds to be more healthy. So I am going to try, slowly to lose some weight and to become a bit healthier (I think now that Boo is walking I will be chasing after her before long!).

I hope to share a bit of my journey here as a means of encouraging myself so that I don’t just slip back in to old habits.  So, no more party food! And more healthy stuff…IMG_3118

Boo didn’t really see impressed with the cucumber part of her starter for on Christmas Day…I know exactly how she feels….


Well it’s that time of year again, where I wake up on the 1st January feeling different, more energy ready to stick to my resolutions and change my life for the better… Oh wait no Boo woke me up and 6am and I feel tired and I wish I could go back to bed!


But here goes… my list of resolutions I actually want to stick to this year (I give myself til mid February and they are all going to be broken, but it’s the thought that counts right!) In no particular order…

1. Eat less crap and more healthy stuff… and I mean actual real fruit… not fruit flavoured things… Terry’s chocolate oranges left over from Christmas do not count as one of my 5 a day! Drink more water and juice and less fizzy drinks… I am addicted to fanta orange at the minute.

2. Get out more – I want to go for a walk, or go somewhere (that is not the local shop for chocolate) every day with Boo.

3. Make the time to blog, I felt like I made a good start and then December happened, with Birthdays, Boo being poorly and in hospital and then Christmas and visiting I just didn’t get the chance to blog, and when I did get 5 minutes to myself I just wanted to sit on the sofa and stare at the TV like a zombie!

4. Use my time wisely… the time I get for myself I want to use it to do more, more than stare at the TV like a zombie, I want to read (I have an ever growing pile of books which I really want to read, I want bubble-baths, etc.

5. Try to keep on top of the housework more… This is a tough one, I hate doing the dishes and always seems to find a reason to put off doing them…

6. Keep to the food budget… I am forever forgetting things and then having to go back to the shops for more food that we need (and then end up buying even more stuff we don’t need) I want to make my list and stick to it for a weekly shop.


Boo Related Resolutions

1. Stop night feeds… Boo is a year old now and I really think it’s best for both me and her that we stop the night feeds, we have been working on it over the Christmas holidays a little and we have had a couple of nights without feeds, but then going away to visit family has kind of set us back to square one again, so now we need to get back on track.

2. Naps – I want to sort out naps, my husband is now able to get Boo to sleep for her daytime naps (without feeding) and I have had some on and off success, I want Boo to have all her daytime naps without being fed to sleep… My husband is back at work tomorrow so that will be the test to see. (We do exactly the same thing but Boo settles for my husband and shrieks like a banshee for me… )

3. More mess… Now what Boo is a bit older I want to set aside the time to make a mess, painting, water, sand, bubbles, mud in the park, general mess just something a bit out of the ordinary,

4. More reading, I read to Boo everyday but I want to try to do a few short reading times rather than just the one, and maybe try to get a bedtime story into the bedtime routine.


So there are my resolutions, here’s hoping I stick to them!

I hope everyone has a amazing 2015 and achieves everything they want to achieve and all their wishes come true!

Things I would like for Christmas 2014 (but that can’t be wrapped and put under the tree!)

1.  A little bit more sleep… Boo still doesn’t sleep through the night, I honestly though we would be sleeping through at least some nights by now (as she is a year old) but no, so this is something I really want to work on after the madness of Christmas.

2. More Me Time… I really need to make the effort and find the time for me, (a long bubble bath without Boo and a million toys for example) my husband keeps telling me I need to make time for me, and I never quite manage it so this is what I am going to give myself for Christmas!

3. Redecorate and Rearrange the House… So that it is easier to keep tidy, we have too much stuff (toys) and not really enough storage space to keep it all in, so more storage and a good sort out I think!

4. Messy Play/Baking/etc … I want to find more time to do this with Boo, we made Christmas Cards and it was so much fun, and most importantly Boo loved it! So I definitely want to make the time to make a mess on a regular basis (ok maybe number 3 might not happen!)

5. Rush about less… I want to be able to enjoy what Boo, the hubby and I are doing, not be thinking about the million things that are next on the list, I want to take the time to be in the now, and worry less about everything…


Fingers crossed Father Christmas is reading this list!!


Mums' Days

I wish I was sat here writing a post about Christmas gift ideas, and what to buy various family members, but I am stumped! I have been reading all these types of posts avidly for some ideas….

The only person who I have any inspiration for is Boo! I can’t even think about what I want when people ask me!

I am getting kind of desperate, searching and panicking on various websites and in the shops… trying to think about what to get my hubby, mum, brother etcetc when all I can think about is those Disney princess socks I saw for Boo, (and really shouldn’t buy because she already has way to many presents.) Oh dear!

I think Christmas is going to be a lot of sitting and watching Boo open her presents… and if I am not careful I am going to end up at the garage on Christmas eve for everyone else’s! I Boo is even allowed any presents as she picked her nose while she sat on Santa’s knee!


Please tell me it’s not just me… I am obviously too carried away with toys and tiny clothes, my brain cannot focus on anything else!


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