I bought this for Boo on a whim, I just happened to be at the supermarket and it was on offer, half price (and when I got to the till there was another £5 off it – Bargain!!) I like nothing better than a good bargain.


I was keen to get something along these lines as Boo was constantly pulling herself up and cruising along the sofa so I wanted to help her explore ‘walking’ under her own steam.


Boo loves to push it along and doesn’t let anything get in her way! She looks so proud as she flies along and it’s so adorable. The walker works well on both carpet and wooden floors, I was slightly concerned that maybe the walker would go too fast on wooden floors and cause Boo to fall, or be to difficult to push on carpet  and she would lose interest.  But I shouldn’t have worried.IMG_2018

The front panel on the walker detaches so that Boo can sit and play with it as well as play with it when it is on the walker.  There are two settings for the sounds/music on the walker and two volume levels, (though level one is loud enough!).  There are lots of buttons and and lights for Boo to play with and she plays with it often and for a fair while, so I definitely feel like it catches her interest.  Her favourite thing is to remove the shapes around the number buttons at the top of the walker.


All in all I am glad I bought this, as it has provided Boo with lots of fun and also opened up the option of moving upright for Boo and when she motors along beaming proudly it’s just amazing.


Family Fever

It has been a difficult few weeks, what with Boo starting her settling in sessions at nursery, her being ill with a sickness bug which then both me and my husband caught, and the shadow of my returning to work looming ever closer.

It has all seemed a bit overwhelming to be honest. I have been feeling very stressed about leaving Boo at nursery.  This was supposed to happen last week but as she was ill we have to rearrange it for today. So, I left her for an hour after she had had her afternoon nap, she was fine and I wasn’t to worried about this specific time, I am more worried about the longer stretches and about when she has to nap there (as she still won’t nap without feeding to sleep).  Friday will be the day, as she will be going after lunch for the whole afternoon.

It feels wrong to be leaving her with people I barely know, though the ladies who work at the nursery are lovely and it has had nothing but glowing recommendations from everyone I have talked to, so I have nothing to worry about on that front.  But it still feels wrong. I don’t really like leaving her with anyone.

I just feel sadness, I can’t really explain it properly, I almost feel like I am mourning for my maternity leave, like I am starting on a new part of life but I am not ready to say goodbye to this part.  My baby doesn’t feel so much of a baby anymore, when I walk into her nursery and she is there stood at a table playing, she looked so grown up! I felt so proud and yet at the same time it broke my heart. And again I can’t explain this.

I am not sure what I am going to achieve writing this down as I can’t explain most of what I am feeling and I don’t feel any better for writing it. I am confused and feel so ambivalent about so many things, nursery, returning to work, mine and Boo’s lives changing drastically. I hope it gets easier, I really do.

I thought I would write a list of all the things in my changing bag, probably the same all over the world. The kitchen sink doesn’t make this list but it might as well, I seem to keep EVERYTHING in my changing bag. No wonder it is so heavy.


1. Nappies – obviously, I usually carry 6 or more nappies, even if I am just popping out, I am not sure why I think it’s probably impossible for Boo to require that many nappies for a 20 minute trip to the shops but you never know!

2. Wipes – Good for wiping bums, mouths, hands, changing mats, clothes, car seats that have been thrown up on.

3. Padded Changing Mat – this came with my changing bag, and I love it, it’s so handy to have, especially as sometimes the changing mats in toilets etc can be a bit grotty.

4. Sudocrem Care and Protect – not much to be said about bum cream!

5. Wet Zip Bag – ingenious, I am so glad this came with my changing bag it has saved my butt so many times.

6. Vital Baby Aquaint Sanitising Water – very handy I use this at home and have a travel size bottle for my changing bag

7. My purse – sadly my changing bag has become my handbag, I feel like enough of a bag lady without adding another bag, the only things from the my handbag that have made the cut to my changing bag are my purse and my phone.

8. My phone – see point 7.

9. Two changes of clothes for Boo – Accidents happen, and then before you have blinked twice another accident has happened!

10. 2 or 3 pairs of socks, Boo is a master at losing socks or deliberately throwing them away!

11. Boo’s Red Book – not sure why this doesn’t seem to leave my bag, but I would probably forget it every time I needed it if I didn’t leave it in there.

12. Nappy Bags

13. Tissues

14. Sippy Cup of Water

15. Snacks for Boo – usually fruit

16. Various toys to keep Boo happy, usually Sophie the giraffe plus a couple of others.

Ok so I can’t believe I have so much stuff in my changing back, there is really no wonder that it is so heavy!

The List

I am not quite sure what’s happened to the quality of this photo but this is what I discovered hiding behind the back of the chair in our living room… the chair is there to ‘hide’ the books guess it’s a case of Boo – 1 :Mummy –  0.


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