Boo has been for three settling in sessions so far at nursery, Monday, Wednesday & Friday of last week. It was the first time I had left her there as our plan to start this a few weeks ago hit a snag when she got a bad D&V bug so we skipped a week.


Monday – 1 hour

I have to say I wasn’t too nervous about this as I knew she would be fine and an hour to look at all the other babies and to eat some food wasn’t that long of a time, and she would be busy enough to probably not even notice that I was gone!

She loved it I was told by the ladies who work there, when I got back there to pick her up (I spent the hour having a lovely coffee with my mum, to take my mind off it  – as I was a little worried) she was stood at a table next to some other babies playing happily. It was so nice to see and when I saw her I felt so proud and also a little sad (my baby isn’t really a baby anymore!)

My lasting memory of that day will be the smile on her face as she stood playing.


Wednesday – 2 hours

I was a little more worried about this day as it was a bit longer and it is also approaching the amount of time I have left her with anyone else, so I did worry that she would get upset towards the end. She had just woken from her morning nap when I dropped her off so she wouldn’t need to nap there. She had fun again which was good to hear and had tried some of the food that they had.   (I resisted the urge to ring and check, even though they said I could call if I wanted!) Boo had a little bit of a meltdown when she had to sit at the table to eat lunch, but once they started to dish out food apparently she was fine again. It was hard leaving her as I passed her over she reached out to me and it was really heart-wrenching.  Boo also started to cry as soon as she saw me when I went to pick her up, which made me feel really guilty for leaving her.

The lasting memory of that day for me was Boo reaching out to me as I left, not quite as happy as the first day.


Friday – 3 hours

This was the day I was most anxious about, the day she had to go and nap at nursery. She had napped in the morning and was due for another nap when I dropped her off in the early afternoon. She wasn’t happy about being left again but I think that was due to her being tired. I got home after dropping her off and tried to keep busy but did cave and called them after about two hours to ask how she was doing and if she had had a nap yet. I was told she was fine and playing happily but that she hadn’t napped. When I picked her up they were eating tea, she Boo was sat at the table with a bit chunk of cake in her hand and a massive smile on her face as she was tucking in! It was amazing! Such an amazing thing to see. While the ladies updated me on how Boo had been (still no nap) Boo saw me and started to cry and didn’t want any more cake.  Again this made me feel guilty, but I am hoping with a few more sessions she will get used to the whole thing.

The lasting memory I have of that day is Boo sitting at the table, huge chunk of cake in hand and massive smile on her face, it’s the kind of moment you wish you had a picture of.


Overall – not as bad as I thought it was going to be, though it had it’s ups and downs, I feel happy she is having the social interaction with other babies etc, but also guilty that I have to leave her.  I am still very anxious about the fact that Boo refuses to nap without feeding (I am working on it, though I sometimes wish I didn’t have to go back to work so that it wouldn’t be as much of a pressing issue). I don’t like the idea of leaving her, but I am lucky to have found a nursery I love and I like the people who work there.

Week 2 – Three more sessions this week, Wednesday (three hours) Thursday (two hours) and Friday (three hours) all afternoon focusing on trying to get Boo to nap there, as I will be dropping her off before she had a second nap of the day. Fingers crossed we make some progress as Week 3 will include a full day!

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Am I alone in being unable to help myself laughing at Boo when she does something she really shouldn’t but it’s just so cute/hilarious I can’t help it!

I am sure I am going to cause myself no end of trouble in the long run!

1. When she gets a big mouthful or water and looks at me and just spits it out, sometimes it just dribbles down her chin other times it goes EVERYWHERE… the cheeky look on her face and twinkle in her eye, oh dear me.

2. When I tell her No! and she turns round and look at me and says ‘Bah!’ in a tone that tells me ‘yeah, i know i totally shouldn’t be doing this right?’

3. When she throws food off her highchair tray on the to the floor and then peers over the edge for a while, then turns to look at me and says ‘gah?’ in a ‘why is that down there?’ way

4. When I lay her down for a nappy change and she gets a a really stern look on her face, to tell me ‘I am not happy about this, so be quick about it’

5. When she raids my purse, after stealing it out of the changing bag, and sticks her whole arm in it trying to find, anything (there is no money in there sorry Boo!)

funny babies

6. When she falls over from sitting in slow motion and then gets really annoyed, (I do pick her up and comfort her, but it’s so cute to see her annoyed)

7. When she grabs her spoon and start hitting her bowl/highchair really hard… repeatedly

8. When we are out and about and she is in her carrier and she starts making happy shrieking noises, really loud, happy shrieking noises and just won’t stop.

9. When you offer her a snack or a toy and she makes a high pitched ‘Ooooohhhh!’ like she hasn’t had one of them before and she has been dying to try one for ages, ‘Ooooohhhh, don’t mind if I do….’

10. When she tips her sippy cup upside down and watched the little drops of water land on the floor/highchair table/sofa/my leg, she is amazed and so interested every time, it’s just too cute.

2014-01-28 12.47.43

Ah babies are just too adorable, and too funny!


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