I am in no way wishing my daughter to grow up any faster, (the last eight months have flashed past!) but there are some things that I am really really looking forward to…
1. Her first day of school – seeing all the lovely photos of their not-so-babies in uniform looking all smart and proud doing the rounds at the minute has been really nice. I know I will probably have mixed feelings at the time but right now it’s something really exciting to look forward too in a far off kind of way.
2. When she starts walking, I am going to be so proud, and she is going to be able to get into so much more trouble, since she started crawling I already need eyes in the back of my head and about 8 pairs of hands!
3. Seeing how she will react to our kitten, he is arriving over the weekend and it will be really interesting to see what Boo makes of him.
4. Boo choosing her own first pet, both my hubby and I are big animal people and want to fill the house with lots of pets, especially as I will not be having any more children.
5. The first time Boo runs up and gives me a hug and a kiss.
6. The first picture she makes – It’s going to be up on the fridge and then framed!
7. Her first birthday – well, all of her birthdays, I have already started buying presents…
8. Her first Christmas – this falls not long after her first birthday but it is still going to be exciting, all those family traditions we can carry on and the new ones we can start as a family.
9. The first time she sings along to a nursery rhyme, or any song with me,
10. The first time she reads to me, I wonder what the book will be. (I already love reading her bedtime stories and I think this is something which is going to be more fun as she gets older and can understand more)
11. Every time she wakes up from a nap or for the morning because I know that we are going to have lots of fun, and I am treasuring each and every day with her.
The List

Boo is teething.

Her two bottom middle teeth came through over a month ago (she got the first one on a Friday and the second one on the Saturday – that was a fun couple of day!) And now it seems she is getting one of the front top ones.  I can’t actually really tell as she won’t let me feel her gums, or rub teething gel on her gums, and she has decided she doesn’t like opening her mouth now either.

After, finally, getting some sort of night time sleeping sorted… I had a blissful week of her waking up only once a night for a feed between 12 and 1am, with two extra special nights of her sleeping through from her bedtime til 5.30am.  But that all stopped the night before last, just as I started to remember what evenings in front of the TV were like!! I almost made it to an adult bedtime!! For the past two nights, poor Boo has been suffering with her teeth and an on/off temperature and has been up 6 or 7 times each night, I feel like a zombie.  I can’t complain really, as I have had that good week to recharge my batteries and she really needed comforting and for the most part over the last few months she only wakes twice a night, so all in all things could be a lot worse.  I really wish I could have some caffeine right about now, but I am avoiding most caffeine (who could live without chocolate?) whilst I am still breastfeeding her, I don’t need a more awake Boo.

She has never been a good sleeper, and when at six months I spoke about her sleep with the health visitor I actually laughed (cried!) at the ‘average’ sleeping amounts for daytime and nighttime for babies. Hahahaha *sob sob sob*.  Boo has never slept near to those averages, so I am starting to wonder whose baby has stolen all of my babies sleep!! I was then informed by the health visitor that some babies are obviously outside of these averages and some babies just need less sleep than others…

Hi Mummy!!

Well, thanks for that! So here we have a baby who appears to not need sleep, and a mummy who loves her sleep and has, sadly almost forgotten what I good nights sleep is.  And lie-ins? I don’t even want to think about lie ins, they are what I dream about in those quick snatches of sleep I do manage to get in between Boo waking and my hubby snoring!

Snoring… don’t get me started on that… a massive slap in the face, I don’t really hear the actually noise I just hear a dull chorus of ‘I’m asleep and you’re not… laa laa laa laa laa laa’.

I think this last of sleep might be starting to drive me crazy … well crazier…

What do you do when your baby is not sleeping?

The summer holidays are over and after a long six weeks the baby bounce and rhyme sessions at my local library are starting again this week!! Hurrah!!  They are such good fun, they are usually a small class, which is good as my local library is a tiny tiny village one and what’s even better is it is free!

Boo always has a lovely time, dancing and playing with the rattles, I have even learnt some new nursery rhymes, which was handy as before Boo was born I knew very few, and out of those few half of them were the rude versions!!  It’s great because Boo gets so excited when I sing the songs from the class for her throughout the rest of the week, it’s nice  that someone, finally appreciates my singing!!

We have met some lovely mums and babies by going to this class and it is great to have an excuse (not that I needed another one) to go to my local library, I love going to the library, I have very fond childhood memories of visiting my local library and I hope Boo grows up loving the library too.  We always borrow lots of lovely books for Boo to read, smack and wave about for the next week until the next class.  This is great because it means she has access to so many more books than we could buy her.  We have been buying a few favourites and she really loves the drawings/colours in the Wilbur series of books.  These  books are some which I would never picked out for her from a book shop.

2014-07-08 08.02.27

The session run for half an hour and that’s a perfect length as it’s not too long so that Boo starts to get restless.  I have really missed going to these sessions over the summer holidays so I have been really looking forward to them starting up again.  There is not much free nowadays and so I do love to go to this session with Boo and support the local library.

I think I am always going to look back on my breastfeeding experience with mixed emotions, I have found it both incredibly rewarding but also incredibly difficult.  My daughter is currently 8 months old and I am breastfeeding her on demand and we started weaning at 6 months.  I don’t want to focus on the difficulties too much in this post, I just want to give my overall feelings looking back over the last 8 months, and it is overwhelmingly positive.

My breastfeeding journey started before my daughter was born, because I have had an operation on each breast to remove a lump there was some concern that the scar tissue would cause problems for me feeding my daughter (it looks like my nipples have eyebrows), I was advised by midwives to express colostrum once I got to 37 weeks.  This had to be done every day for four weeks (my daughter was a week late).  It was fairly painful in my breasts but also cause small contraction like pains in my stomach.  I froze and saved the colostrum I managed to express (sadly it sat in my freezer for a couple of months before it was thrown out, as once my daughter was here and I could breastfeed I was told not to add the stored colostrum to expressed breast milk by my health visitor – this was not the first, nor the last piece of conflicting advice I have had on subject of breastfeeding).

Luckily once my daughter was born I could breastfeed her, and after a few early problems with latching her on, my milk came through about 48 hours after she was born.  My daughter was colicky and also suffers from Silent Reflux so her early weeks are a haze of tummy massages, feeding and then keeping my daughter as upright as we could, curling up on the sofa all day and, sadly my daughter crying.  Lansinoh cream was a godsend, and we persevered on through a bout of mastitis which was excruciating.  Slowly her reflux medication was sorted out and her colic started to ease, this meant that things got a little easier in terms of feeding and latching on.  At about 5 months she finally got the hang of my fast let down and didn’t gag and unlatch several times during each feed, which meant I felt more comfortable going out and feeding her in public places.  Though not long after this (6months or so) she became a lot more curious and active and now feeding her with any distractions in the area/room is a big nono as she is more interested in everything else than feeding!

Even now at 8 months it is difficult to feed her in public as she is too easily distracted, and my fast let down and possibly some of the damage from my operations means my milk sprays out in all directions which can be quiet embarrassing.  So I try to make sure that we go out in between feeds, though I will try to feed her if she lets me know she is hungry.  However, we rarely have much success in feeding her much while we are away from home.

She will not feed from a bottle anymore.   She did for a while, when her meds needed to be mixed with expressed breast milk, but from about three months her meds were given by syringe and so I stopped expressing.  When we tried bottles a few weeks later she just refused them and still does.  I am thinking about trying to reintroduce a bottle as I have to go back to work when my daughter is 11 months old, but I haven’t quite got round to starting on that yet.

I am still feeding my daughter at night, for the past few weeks she wakes only once a night, usually between 12am and 1am for a feed and otherwise sleeps through (touch wood).  Before then she was waking several times a night for feeds, and as she still eats very little solid food, (something to do with her reflux or not I don’t know), I was happy to do this.  I do want to drop her last night feed sometime in the next few months, but I am in no rush and I am hoping she will drop it of her own accord sometime soon.

I feel that for me, personally breastfeeding has been a really positive but challenging experience and I am proud that I kept going and I honestly believe that for my daughter and I breastfeeding was the right choice.


Zena's Suitcase

It’s been a lovely lazy family here, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

We did have a few things to do, shopping for one thing, on Saturday morning (Boo always needs something) and we also needed supplies for the new kitten we will be getting in a couple of weeks when he is old enough to leave his mum, still trying to think of a name for him, his is a lovely ginger and white kitten. Excited!

We also went to the opening of the rebuild of the local park on Sunday afternoon for a little while, but other than that a long expanse of nothing-pressing-to-do filled our weekend.  We did a little cleaning (as little as we could get away with hehe) and a lot of T.V. watching.  The hubby and I are currently watching the Stargate SG1 boxset he got as a present for his last birthday, although Boo is becoming something of a fan too!


We also watched more than our fair share of Cbeebies this weekend.  I had no idea how awesome all the cartoons are nowadays.  I might get seriously addicted.

But TV aside, it was nice, really really nice to have a weekend where we could spend time as a family and not have to rush anywhere or do anything.  I know that Boo enjoyed being able to play with her toys all day and having daddy home made things so much more fun.

It does seem that life has become increasingly busy as I have become older, but it really makes me appreciate the odd days, and weekends that you do get to relax and just enjoy being in the company of the ones that you love.



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