Despite the weather yesterday, Boo, her grandparents and I went for a lovely walk at Birches Valley on Cannock Chase, and we met the Gruffalo!!

It was absolutely amazing and even though it was raining on and off all afternoon Birches Valley was very busy with lots of different people, mountain bikers covered in mud and enjoying the trails, teenagers enjoying the Go Ape! climbing experience and younger children enjoying the Healthy Heart Walk and visiting the Fairy Village and of course the Gruffalo!

Me, Boo and The Gruffalo!
Me, Boo and The Gruffalo!

I am not quite sure what Boo made of the Gruffalo but she adored being outside and feeling the tree trunks and the ferns, and touching all of the wooden sculptures along the Healthy Heart Walk. It was also nice to see more sculptures being made, so next time we go there is going to be even more to see and do.

Healthy Heart Walk Sculpture
Healthy Heart Walk Sculpture

There was so much to see and do and the walks were really lovely; well made, wide paths with buggy access and decorative benches at regular intervals for people who need to rest on the way round.  It was obvious that all of the children were having a whale of a time. The Fairy Village seemed to be a firm favourite with the younger children. It was really well made, and lots of children had chosen to leave gifts for the fairies.

The Fairy Village
The Fairy Village

It is really nice that we have something so great so close to us, and I will definitely be taking Boo there again.  As she grows she will be able to be involved in more of the activities so she will probably like it even more!

For the first night ever! Well, since she was born 8 and a half months ago Boo slept through the night, she went to bed a 8pm and woke up at 5.30am. I was so shocked when I heard her, woke up this morning, I rolled over and looked at the clock and it was 5.30am, I honestly feel like a new person! Drunk on sleep!
Over the past few months I have been honestly shocked by how little sleep I can function on, I can’t remember a lot of the last few months because it’s a haze of fog (and daytimes naps for both of us).  
I am trying to not get too excited as I know in all probability we will be up tonight, hopefully not more than her usual 3 times. But I can dream… yes I can dream because I am finally getting some sleep!

2014-01-24 09.21.38

She sleeps so little the only photo I can find of her sleeping is from months ago!!!

Ah the amazing world of the internet, joined instagram today to see what it’s all about, I was slow with facebook and instagram, but I get there in the end. It’s just so nice Boo loves to have her picture taken!

2014-06-22 12.46.27

I have decided to start a blog in order to share my experiences of the amazing journey that my daughter, Boo, and I are on.  I have decided on a blog rather than a diary in the hopes that writing things down as well as sharing them may help me to get ideas, inspiration from other people online, but also hopefully share some ideas.

I have also decided not to use my daughter real name, but my nickname for her.  I am not really sure where it came from but anyway.

I am 28 and I live in a small town in the UK with my daughter who is eight months old and my husband.  I am currently on maternity leave from my job and so I get to spend my days with my daughter.

My pregnancy was, thankfully, straightforward though I did suffer from HG (severe nausea and sickness) from week 6 until the day I gave birth. I gave birth at my local hospital, where all of the midwives and other staff were amazing. I had a short labour using gas & air and I had a water birth. I only had a vague birth plan before I went into a labour, which was basically that my husband was there with me and if everything was OK I would use only gas and air as pain relief and have a water birth.  I feel so very lucky that I got to have a labour/birth which ‘went to plan’.

I have breastfed my daughter from birth, and am still breastfeeding her, though we have recently started weaning. I have no real plan as to how long I will continue to breastfeed for, I suppose I will know when the time comes that it is time to stop.  Weaning is still so new, and a little nerve-wracking but very exciting.  I have decided to do a mixture of baby led weaning and purees and I am just taking things at the pace Boo sets.

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