It’s been so busy here – I can’t believe it’s time for Living Arrows 45 already! I feel like I blinked and missed this weekend! We have been busy busy bees! We have had a lot of change recently and I am really happy to say that Boo has taken it all in her stride. She loves her new room, and she loves the new house (and always checks when we say we are heading home, that we are going to the new house and not the old one! We are still getting sorted and there are still more boxes around than I would like but we are slowly getting sorted and it’s been really nice to have a sort out and a clear out. This house is so much better for us than the old house in so many ways and I am happy to have found it!

So the photo I wanted to share for Living Arrows this week is one of Boo, playing with her playdough at the dining table… I might be a little bit in love with my new kitchen too – the old kitchen was so awful this one feels so much nicer to cook in and to just be in. And the fact that there is room for a dishwasher is just wonderful (I feel so old being happy that there is room for a dishwasher!). We made playdough birthday cakes and Boo decided that it was Christmas so she had to wear a Christmassy jumper – it’s so cute and so soft, I wish it came in my size.

Boo, my husband and I are already so happy in our new home, and I am sure we are going to make lots of happy memories here!

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”  Kahlil Gibran

Living Arrows 45 - Playdough

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