We have had a wonderful weekend celebrating my 31st birthday and I took so many photos, it was really difficult to know which one to choose to share for Living Arrows 46 this week. It’s been a very busy weekend! We went to Birmingham Sealife Centre on Friday for my birthday and we all had an amazing time, though I took millions of photos, which makes it very difficult for me to decide which one I want to share as there are about 5 I just can’t decide between! But checking back through them, once we got home and I found this one…

This was all happening very fast and so I was snapping away not really sure of how my photos were going to turn out ok and hoping for at least one or two that were not a just a total blur! I am very happy to say that I took this one! I really love this photo. For me, It captures the moment perfectly… Boo was amazed by everything during our visit to the Sealife Centre, and she just wanted to see everything, I think her favourite were the penguins though. I will be sharing more of my photos when I do a full write up of our day there!

I just loved our trip to the Sealife Centre… we saw incredible things (I am really not a fan of jellyfish but even I had to admit they are beautiful!) and we learnt something new. It was a really wonderful way to celebrate my birthday.

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”  Kahlil Gibran

Living Arrows 46 - Boo at Birmingham Sealife Centre

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