We put the Christmas Tree up this weekend! Boo had lots of fun helping us. Though it’s probably more accurate to say that she was in charge and we helped her! I captured this one just as she had started to put the baubles on the tree and I just had to use it for Living Arrows 49 this week.

Boo started with some silver baubles and lined them all up about at head height for herself. I did start to wonder if my husband and I were going to have make a few changes once she had gone to bed. Baubles all in a straight line is probably not the most fetching look for a Christmas Tree. But as soon as Boo found this one, and the other bright coloured ones it was like an explosion!

It’s so wonderful that Boo is now big enough to help with the Christmas Decorations. Boo had lots of fun and was very impressed with our Christmas Tree when it was all done. Though Boo now insists the Christmas Tree lights are on at all times. She is very excited about Christmas and her birthday. I do worry about putting the Christmas decorations up before her birthday on the 13th.  But if we left it until after it would be at least the 14th December and that feels like too short of a time to have them up. Right now though, she definitely doesn’t mind

For me, the best part is putting up the baubles that Boo has made each year – we have one from 2013, 2014, 2015 and now 2016. Each has a hand print on it and her name and the year. I think next year might be the year that she paints it herself rather than uses a hand print.  I want to carry on our tradition and have a bauble she has made each year.

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Kahlil Gibran,

Living Arrows 49 - Christmas Tree

Living Arrows