This isn’t the clearest photo I have ever shared for Living Arrows but it’s already one of my favourites. And I just had to share for Living Arrows 51 this week. On Thursday of last week Boo had her very first Nativity. I was so proud of her, she had a great time and was so happy that her mummy and her grandma were there to watch her. Unfortunately my husband had something on at work he couldn’t reschedule, but we sent him the photos and when he got home Boo sang some of the songs for him!

Boo goes to nursery two mornings a week and she only started at her new nursery when we moved house in November. It was really wonderful for me to see how she is at nursery with the lovely ladies who look after her and with all of the other children. I was expecting Boo to get a bit fidgety as she doesn’t like to sit still at home. But she sang all of the songs and sat so nicely for the whole time. She even did a little dance when it was her turn to stand up (she, and two other little girls were Christmas Trees).

I just love how excited she is in this photo, and it was so wonderful to hear all the children singing.  But it’s a strange one, the nursery/school nativity… it was so lovely to watch her, but I do feel a little sad as my little baby has reached another milestone and it really feels like time is going too fast. This Christmas has come round way too quick and even though Boo is only just turned 3 this will be her 4th Christmas.

Please excuse the blurriness and the cropping!

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”  Kahlil Gibran.

 Living Arrows 51 - Nativity

Living Arrows