Another great week, though the weather has been less than kind and we have been stuck in a little bit more than I like.  We have had fun nonetheless and done some more baking and we did get out on the fairer days too.

So here are my photos for this week, and I must admit I am quite proud I am still managing to take a photo a day.

88. Boo looking out of the window while she is eating, I wonder what she iwas thinking about? Or was she just watching the big tree in the garden wave in the wind?


89. It almost looks like Boo is sprinting in this photo, she was trying to escape at any rate, she found running around next to the playground so much more fun than playing in the play ground!


90. Sat watching TV but she looked so peaceful I just had to take a picture. It’s so cute they way she is playing with her fingers.


91. Boo is ignoring the mess she has just made so that she can sit an have a read.  This is a rare occurrence, usually Boo eats books.


92. This step in the garden is so tiny, yet Boo always take extra care when going up or down it, it’s so cute.


93. This is a very excited Boo sorting through her Easter Hamper win!


94. Postman Boo! She was such a big girl and she walked all the way to the postbox and back again, (and then napped for over two hours – so she must have been exhausted!)



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