Oh here we are in to triple figures, I cannot believe that I have taken at least one photo every day for the past 100 days! Amazing! I am so happy, I am going to have so many beautiful memories saved forever and so many wonderful pictures to show Boo.

So here is out week in photos, as you can see we have spent a lot of time outside playing in the garden enjoying the sunshine! It’s been a wonderful and quiet week.

95. Boo was a lucky little lady and was given a slide and a sand/water table from her grandma and grandad, she was so excited and even more excited when we brought them home to play with in our garden.


96. We spotted a frog on one of our sunny walks, I couldn’t get a closer picture as Boo was threatening to dive in (thank crunchy for her reins) and the fence was in the way!


97. My beautiful Boo in the sunshine, I think this is one of my favourite photos of Boo that I have taken recently.


98. Danger-Boo on the slide… giving me a heart attack she quickly learnt to climb to the top of the slide and now stands and dances instead of sitting and sliding! So we have to be there right next to her!


99. A friend we met in the garden, who Boo kept going over and talking to, maybe she was telling him/her about her adventures in the garden!


100. What is better than a lovely drink of water whilst playing out in the garden… splashing the water everywhere on the floor of course! And not long after this photo was taken putting the cup in the sand table!


101. Daddy is trying to get Boo to open her mouth, but Boo wasn’t having any of it! I think this might be her, I am not impressed face! I just had to take a picture!


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