There are lots of reasons to eat biscuits, or chocolate, or cake I thought I would share a few of the reasons why I have eaten a biscuit (or two recently)… Now I am not greedy but I feel that these are all incredibly valid reasons for eating a biscuit or chocolate or cake! 22 perfectly acceptable reasons to eat a biscuit…

22 reaasons to eat a biscuit - sharing 22 perfectly acceptable reasons to eat a biscuit... or 5

  1. It’s been a good day – celebration biscuit
  2. it’s been a bad day – cheer yourself up biscuit
  3. I am drinking a cup of tea – tea and a biscuit biscuit
  4. Got my child off to sleep for their nap quickly – celebration biscuit
  5. Took my child ages to go to sleep for their nap Β – cheer yourself up (again) biscuit
  6. It’s bedtime for your child – eating this in peace biscuit
  7. I had to share my last biscuit so I need another one – whole biscuit to myself biscuit
  8. I’ve had one biscuit, now I need another – should always eat them in pairs biscuit
  9. My cup of tea has gone cold – commiseration biscuit
  10. There are biscuits in the cupboard – quick before someone else pinches them biscuit
  11. Twirlywoos is on – 5 minutes peace biscuit
  12. We have no biscuits in – quick go to the shop and get some biscuits biscuit
  13. Feeling tired – sleepy biscuit
  14. Feeling hungry – best have a biscuit
  15. I have a headache – medicinal biscuit
  16. Only one biscuit left? – best eat it before anyone else biscuit
  17. Bored? – best have a biscuit!
  18. Forgot to have a biscuit yesterday? – memory loss biscuit
  19. Yet to have a cup of tea and it’s late afternoon – how have I lasted this long biscuit
  20. Angry/annoyed/frustrated – rage biscuit
  21. Noone else in the kitchen? – shhh is a secret biscuit
  22. Do I need Β a reason – rebel biscuit

Please tell me I am not alone in being this greedy!? And do you have any other reasons to add?

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