I have been meaning to join in with the 73 Questions tag for a while, as I always enjoy reading this type of post, it’s so interesting to read what people put!  And reading Louise’s post has given me that final prod! And thank you for the lovely mention Louise.

73 Questions - I have loved reading these posts and I have decided to join in

So here goes!

1. What Is Your Favourite Movie? The Fifth Element (and Bram Stoker’s Dracula)

2. Favourite Movie In The Past Five Years?
The Hobbit Movies

3. Favourite Hitchcock film?
The Birds

4. A Book You Plan On Reading?
There are too many on my books to read pile at the minute but the next on the list is…The Queen of the Tearling

5. A Book That You Read In School That Positively Shaped You?
Dracula – as it made me realise I wanted to study English

6. Favourite TV Show That’s Currently On?

7. On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you about life right now?

8. iPhone or Android?

9. Twitter or Instagram?
It’s got to be Instagram

10. Who Should EVERYONE Be Following Right Now?
I am not sure I can pick one account! On Instagram: You Baby Me Mummy, Little Hearts Big Love and my cousin Rachel.

11. What’s Your Favourite Food?

12. Least Favourite Food?

13. What Do You Love On Your Pizza?
BBQ sauce and extra cheese!

14. Favourite Drink?
Cherry Coke

15. Favourite Dessert?
Birthday Cake

16. Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?
Milk (or white)

17. Coffee or Tea?

18. What’s The Hardest Part About Being A Mum?
The guilt

19. What Is Your Favourite Band?
Sonata Arctica

20. Favourite Solo Artist?

21. Favourite Song?
Silver Flame by Dizzy Mizz Lizzy (and Dig by Incubus)

22. If You Could Sing A Duet With Anyone, Who Would It Be?
If I could sing? You know I don’t know!

23. If You Could Master One Instrument, What Would It Be?
I would love to be able to play the piano

24. If You Had A Tattoo, Where Would It Be?
I am too fickle for a tattoo

25. To Be or Not To Be?

26. Dogs or Cats?

27. Bird-watching or Whale-watching?

28. The Best Gift You’ve Ever Received?
The first birthday present my husband got me.

29. The Best Gift You’ve Ever Given?
A Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Album I gave to my husband for our first Christmas in the UK

30. The Last Gift You Gave A Friend?
A personalised keyring

31. What’s your Favourite Board Game?

32. What’s Your Favourite Country To Visit?

33. What’s The Last Country You Visited?

34. What Country Do You Wish To Visit?
I would love to go to Iceland or Norway and see the Northern Lights

35. What Is Your Favourite Colour?

36. Least Favourite Colour?

37. Diamonds or Pearls?

38. Heels or Flats?

39. Pilates or Yoga?
I have never done either!

40. Jogging or Swimming?

41. The Best Way To De-stress?
Reading a good book in a bubble bath

42. If You Had One Superpower, What Would It Be?
The power to heal

43. What’s The Weirdest Word In The English Language?
Tentacles –  I can’t say it without smiling

44. What’s Your Favourite Flower?

45. When Was The Last Time You Cried?
At the weekend

46. Do You Like Your Handwriting?
Only on the first page of a new notebook

47. Do You Bake?
Not as often as I should

48. What Is Your Least Favourite Thing About Yourself?
Being Shy

49. What Is Your Favourite Thing About Yourself?
Hmmm, probably my eyes

50. Who Do You Miss Most?
This one is a tough one, I can’t say for sure.

51. What Are You Listening To Right Now?
The hum of my laptop

52. Favourite Smell?
Fresh Baked Bread

53. Who Was The Last Person You Talked To On The Phone?
My husband

54. Who Was The Last Person You Sent A Text To?
My Mum

55. A Sport You Wish You Could Play?
Ice Hockey

57. Eye Colour?

58. Scary Film or Happy Endings?
Happy Endings

59. Favourite Season?

60. Three People Alive or Dead That You Would Like To Have Dinner With?
Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde and Alan Rickman

61. Hugs or Kisses?

62. Rolling Stones or the Beatles?

63. Where Were You Born?

64. What Is The Farthest You Have Been From Home?
The Domincan Republic

65. Sweet or Savoury?

66. Lipstick or Lip Gloss?
Lip Gloss

67. What Book Have You Read Again and Again?
A Discovery of Witches

68. Favourite Bedtime Story?
Funny Bones

69. What Would Be The Title Of Your Autobiography?
I’ll tidy up tomorrow

70. Favourite Sound?
Boo talking and giggling

71. Favourite Animal?

72. Who Is Your Girl Crush?
I don’t have one

73. The Last Photograph You Took?
This one.
Last Photo you took

Wow 73 questions! I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, and as you can tell I am really not very good as just picking one answer!

If you would like to do these questions then consider yourself tagged! And also let me know as I would love to have a read!