I’ve been a bit quiet over the past few days on the blogging front – I have had lots on my mind and looming scarily was my practical driving test which was today at 10.14am. I had a lesson yesterday afternoon which went ok-ish and over the course of the last week I came to the conclusion that I was going to fail my test. I am a pretty nervous driver and being really busy I just haven’t fit in as many lessons, and as regularly as I had hoped since I started to learn to drive (for the third time) in the middle of last year.Driving Update - My Practical Test - This week I managed to convince myself that I was going to fail my practical test - and I had it this morning and I... 

My lesson mainly focused on the parallel park as that is the manoeuvre that I am worst at and things didn’t go particularly well! I get really nervous for all tests and this one was no exception. But I decided that this test could be a practise run – so I would know exactly what the process would be for next time. That way I would still get something out of the whole, terrifying experience.

My instructor picked me up at 9 am and we headed towards the test centre, working on each of the manoeuvres in turn, and then the emergency stop, we finished off with the show me/tell me questions. My driving this morning was even worse than my driving yesterday. Too nervous. Too nervous for my driving test.

The test started and after the ‘can you read the number plate on the red car’ question I panicked as I had lost the car keys… which were hiding in my pocket. It did not bode well! The show me/tell me questions went ok and then we headed off on the driving part of the test.

After about 5 minutes I was asked to pull up somewhere safe… and then I was asked to do… a parallel park… any hopes that I had of passing my test were well and truly dashed… I had said to my husband last night that if I got the parallel park I was going to fail. I took a deep breath and went through the manouvre, having to pause once and think about what I was going to do next. I am not sure I could have been any closer to the kerb without touching it! After that was over we headed off for the independent driving part of the test.

My nerves didn’t get any better for the rest of the test, and it was a long 40 minutes until we reached the test centre.  I honestly don’t think I have been as nervous as I was this morning in my entire life. I parked up and then..

It turns out I passed my driving test! I honestly couldn’t believe it! I passed with 3 minors and it feels like a miracle! I am not sure what I am most happy about… the freedom this is going to bring Boo and I during week days or the fact that I don’t have to have any more driving lessons! haha