I must admit, I was not an easy convert from ‘proper’ books to the Kindle and I did resist for ages – until for one of my birthdays I was given a Kindle. You see, I love books, and paper and did I mention I love books.  One of the first things I did when I got to University was go into the library, to where they kept some of the old books (those that as undergraduates we were actually allowed to see).

8 Reasons I love my Kindle - I resisted for the longest time, but I really really love my Kindle

There is nothing like being curled up on the sofa reading a good book, the anticipation as you turn the page, the weight of the books and the feel of the paper and even the smell.  (Please tell me I am not the only one who notices the different smells of books?)

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But… I was given a *Kindle so I figured I best use it! And I have to admit I am now a Kindle convert, well kind of… there are some books I have to read the ‘proper’ book and though I am not going to stop buying new, physically copies of books just yet, I do think that having a Kindle has made reading easier and has allowed me to read more.  So, for a lot of books, I am now happy to read them on my Kindle, .. and here are 8 reasons I love my Kindle…

1.I can read with one hand – which means I can read and make a cup of tea or read and eat a biscuit, or 22 biscuits should I feel the need. Which helps at the minute because with a toddler my reading time is severely limited. It also means, sometimes, if I am lucky and all the planets align I can read for 5 minutes whilst Boo is distracted with something else! (where as if I had a book she would want to come over and investigate)

2. It’s lightweight – some of the books I read, especially in hardback, are fairly weighty which can make them uncomfortable to read. The Kindle is great for reading books like that!

3. They are easier to read when you are in bed – I like to wind down and read for a little while (or maybe a longer than I should while) before I go to sleep – and the Kindle makes that easier – don’t need any lights on and I can turn the brightness on it right down.

3.No crumbs in between pages … with a toddler crumbs are like sand and glitter – they get everywhere – so this is one thing I don’t have to worry about.

4. No-one can tell what you are reading – so they don’t feel the need to ask you about it – ok maybe this is just me – the miserable person that I am – but sometimes it’s nice to read without distractions – especially as I seem to have (temporarily I hope) lost the right to go to the loo by myself.

5. No bookmarks for toddlers to steal – nothing worse than discovering a toddler with a bookmark (unless it’s discovering a toddler with a bookmark and a pen!)… I have nightmares about that! Though I have found Boo holding my Kindle and she had not only worked out how to turn it on but is also tapping the screen furiously and turning pages!

6. On holiday it can store tons of books and save room in my suitcase. bag etc. This is very useful now that most of any bags we take are filled with Boo’s stuff.

7. Easy shopping for books – I can browse, buy and near instantly be reading a new book – literally seconds after I have finished the last one

8. Free Books – who doesn’t love a bargain? And lots of old classics are free on the Kindle and you can download them instantly. This is great and I have re-read a lot of them without having to drag my old copies out from which ever cupboard I am currently hiding them in! (Extra useful as my copy of Jane Eyre is in a huge volume with Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (see point 2). There are some new, free books too – new authors who want feedback on their books etc – this is a great way to discover new books, authors and even genres.

I do love my Kindle (still not as much as proper books though…) but it does definitely have a few plus sides over books in certain situations. Do you prefer ‘proper’ books or something like a Kindle?

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