Changing that first nappy when your baby has arrived is a scary task! They are so wiggley! I was sure I would need more hands, but soon it becomes quick and efficient, getting slightly more difficult when you baby can roll and then crawl away! But changing a toddler’s nappy is something else! So here is my guide to help with that epic task – changing a toddler’s nappy in 50 easy steps…

How to change a toddler's nappy in 50 easy steps - a guide for those hard to change nappies when your toddler just won't stop trying to escape!!

1. Realise that they need a nappy change

2. Take a deep breath

3. Ask them to get you a nappy and wipes

4. Wait, with baited breath as they actually go over to them!

5. Watch as they choose an exact nappy which matches some criteria only they know

6. As they grab the wipes you wonder if this could be your quickest nappy change yet

7. Hold your hand out as they wander towards you with both the perfect nappy and the wipes

8. Drop your hand as they dance around with the nappy and wipes and then put them both back in the box…

9. Ask again for the nappy and the wipes

10. Hold your hand out to be given a different nappy

11. Ask for the wipes (again)

12.  Grab wipes as they are waved about just in your reach and put them down

13. Realise that this may in fact be the longest nappy change ever

14. Ask them to come over so you can change their nappy

15. Watch as they now dance about – again just out of reach

16.  Stifle a giggle

17. Sigh

18. Get up and chase them

19. Pick them up and carry them back to where you are going to change them

20. Remove socks

21. Attempt to remove trousers from a wiggley toddler who is trying to roll on to their front and get away

22. Try to turn it in to a game

23. Fail to turn it in to a game

24. Remove trousers

25. Finally remove nappy

26. Grab wipes

27. Realise the wipes are not where you left them in step 12.

28. Question how the wipes have managed to magically vanish

29. Ask your toddler to stay still while you search for the wipes

30. Realise that you are going to be ignored by you toddler

31. Ask nicely again

32. Search for the wipes in the toy box,

33. Remind toddler to stay sill

34. Search for the wipes in the bin

35. Remind toddler to stay still and quickly peek to check

36. Search back in the box with the nappies

37. Marvel at the fact that while searching you toddler actually stayed still

38. Look at toddler and realise that they are holding the wipes!

39. Actually change nappy (with some wiggling)

40. Put trousers back on

41. Find socks which have been throw across the floor

42. Put on right sock

43. Put on left sock

44. Retrieve right socks which has been throw across the floor (again)

45. Put on right sock

46. Cuddle!

47. Ask the toddler to put the wipes away while you put the nappy in the bin

47. Victory!

48. Look at toddler and see that glazed look and slightly red face

49. Cry a little inside as you recognise ‘the poo face’

50. Repeat steps 2. – 47.


So, have I missed anything?