My nephew is due in July and it’s very exciting – I am going to become an auntie for the first time. (I am so excited!) It’s brought back so many memories of when I was pregnant with Boo, all the tiny clothes, sorting the nursery, picking names, the excitement, the worry! It’s been nice to witness a pregnancy and not feel horrendously sick, as my sister in law is the first pregnant person who I have been close to.
It’s been great to listen in to some of their conversations about names, they found out that they are having a boy so they have focused on boys names (for several reasons that have had lots of scans and baby is definitely a boy!)

Choosing a Baby Name - trends and future popularity

With Boo, my husband and I already had a girls name picked from the start and we just trying to agree on any boys names, which we found really difficult (maybe it was a sign that Boo was going to be a girl). When we found out at 20 weeks that Boo was girl it was relief that we didn’t have to come up with a boys name that we agree upon – I dare say there would have been a lot of debate.
We then spent the next 21 weeks wondering (and hoping) that Boo would ‘be’ a Boo when she was born. My husband was sure, it was just me who worried! It is a very important decision to make, something that it literally going to be with your child their whole life!
Boo has a first name that has meaning in my family, it shares a meaning with my mum’s name and for Boo’s middle name we picked a Dutch name – my husbands paternal grandmothers middle name (she passed away not long before we found out we were pregnant with Boo).   Both of these names just seemed fitting. Even without the extra of the family ties I would still love both of the names we picked. Perfect. 

We decided to share Boo’s name with my mum, stepdad, my brother and his wife and that was it. Everyone else had to wait until she was born – I didn’t want any ‘oh I don’t like that name’ or ‘I knew a Boo and she was horrible’ and ‘I have never met a Boo I liked’. As if picking a name you both like isn’t hard enough without everyone else giving you their opinions!
I think that it is great that there are so many tools parents can use to pick names – baby name books, credits on TV programmes, books, the internet and all the baby name sites that there are and also things like the Baby Name Trends Tool on Emma’s Diary. I must admit I have become a bit obsessed with this I have checked Boo’s name and middle name, my name (no wonder I was one of 4 Jennifer’s in my year at school!) my husband’s name, my mum, my step-dad, brother and any names that my brother and his wife have decided they liked. It’s so interesting to see how popular names have been in the past as well as how popular they are predicted to be over the next couple of year. I wonder how accurate the predictions will turn out to be….

How did you pick your children’s names? Did you have your baby’s name picked before they were born?