I am currently living in a very battered pair of patent pink Dr. Martens. They are the fourth pair of DMs I have owned and I have worn each pair in to the ground. They are so comfy, and what’s even better now that I need specialised orthotics is that they are great for them too. Sadly I can only wear flat shoes now, which is a shame as I have lots of pairs of ridiculous shoes which I will never wear. Wonderful shoes I know I will never be able to part with, including a pair of Irregular Choice stilettos in baby blue with ice creams and unicorns on.

Black and White Pair of Dr Martens - Text reads 'Good Shoes will take you good places'

As lovely as all those pairs of shoes look, comfy is definitely my priority right now and I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to walk in anything with more than the tiniest of heels. I am lucky, however, because there are so many amazing flat shoes out there including the amazing pair of rainbow glitter Dr Martens my mum has bought me for my birthday which is in a couple of weeks!! (I am beyond excited).

Although Dr. Martens are top of my list for go to shoes (or rather boots) I am also a big fan of Converse shoes, they are great for when the weather is a bit warmer.  My first ever pair of Converse were bright pink… I loved them so much. I just love bright shoes… comfy bright shoes… comfy bright shoes bought on sale – even better!

I love shopping online (and in the sales) as my reduced mobility makes going out and shopping a nightmare most of the time, I am so glad that internet shopping is an option for me, and that there are so many websites out there for bargain hunters, such as Love the Sales.

Do you do your shoe shopping online? What are you favourite shoe brands?