Today, the 15th May is Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day 2015.  I have written a little bit about my HG pregnancy on my blog.  I am really passionate about raising awareness about HG and I believe it is vital that everyone woman suffering receives the best medical support and treatment.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day are my thoughts on how important a day today is...

One thing which I can see both across blogs and social media is that lots of women who have suffered with HG have not received the support they need both during and after pregnancy. This has got to change.  Women at there most vulnerable need to be treated, supported and show compassion too.  They do not need to be left to suffer, they need medical treatment.  There are lots of safe treatment options which can be tried to see if they can help a women suffering with the hell of HG.

Suffering with HG whilst I was pregnant was one of the most horrendous experiences of my entire life and to be left to suffer, without proper treatment, has sadly had lasting effects for me. And I live with the burden of guilt knowing that Boo is more likely to suffer with it should she ever become pregnant.  I know exactly what she will go through and that thought gives me nightmares.  The only hope I can cling on to is that through the raising of awareness about HG – Boo will have access to better treatment and more empathy is she is unlucky enough to suffer with HG.

There is lots of work being done, Pregnancy Sickness Support are doing invaluable work to support and advise women who are suffering with HG.  The forum on the site is an amazing place where ladies who are suffering can go to to feel like they are not alone.  HG is extremely isolating – not only because you feel awful but also because people do not seem to understand the severity of it.  So a forum when present and past sufferers of HG can help and support each other is invaluable.

The book –  Hyperemesis Gradvidarum: The Definitive Guide written by Caitlin Dean and Amanda Shortman is literally the HG bible (you can read my review of this amazing book here.

It is vital that women get the correct medical support and treatment, healthcare professionals need to be aware of the treatment options available and every single women suffering needs to know that she is not alone, what she is experiencing is sadly not normal and she shouldn’t be left to suffer.

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