Normally I write Friday post on a Thursday evening, it sums up my week, and it’s nice to look back on the week and think about what Boo and I have done.

This week I sat Thursday evening and drew a blank, I started a post several times, and deleted it after a while.  And here I am Friday evening wondering what on earth I should write. This week has been a week I don’t think I could describe in one blog post let alone one word.

I don’t really want to go into details – but we have had some bad news from my mum’s side of the family. Bad being an understatement.

Life altered completely with a single sentence. Days in shock and then a roller coaster of emotions I can’t name or begin to describe.

Life is precious, time is short and sometimes it feels like there are no silver linings.

I apologies for being vague, but this isn’t my story to tell and as much as this seems negative the ending isn’t written yet.