I am still learning to drive. I had a driving lesson today – and it reminded me that it’s been a while since I did an update about it.  I have had a look at my calendar, and it turns out today was my 12th lesson. So not only have I been slacking in doing my updates I have been slacking have my lessons too!

Learning to Drive - update 3 - I had a driving lesson today and realised that it's been a while since I did an update

You can see my 6 week update here (from back in September – argh!) 12 lessons in 5 months is not great is it! I had to have 6 weeks off from driving lessons at the end of November and all of December due to various reason but I have had a couple of lessons this month already and although I still hate lessons I am still as determined as ever to learn to drive.

I have covered all of the maneuvers I need to – reverse round a corner, turn in the road, parallel parking and bay parking.  I still need more practice at them all but it nice that I have successfully done each one a few times now.

On today’s lesson I drove to the test centre and did bay parking in the test centre car park as that is where I will have to do it on my actual test – if I am unlucky enough to get that one!. The car park is tiny and not great.  So I am a little anxious about that! I know my test is a while off yet but still it’s not going to be easy if I get bay parking on my test!

I am feeling more positive about driving on the whole though I still have some issues – roundabouts I really don’t like, especially when they are busy. I feel rushed and it’s just awful.  I guess I have just accept that learning to drive is not going to be fun.

I have also finally started revising for my theory test (yesterday cough cough) and I have done a couple of mock tests and passed them so I am feeling ok about this at least. Though I know that I have a lot of work to do on this too. I will be booking my theory test soonish as I will probably work better to a deadline!

Please tell me that driving once passed is so much better than driving lessons?