I thought it was about time that I shared a blogging secret – my family and friends do not read my blog, in fact they don’t even know what it is called.  My blog is a secret. They know that I blog but not much else.  I like it that way.  It’s freeing. It means I can write posts like the one detailing the fact that my father is a disappointment without worrying about what my brother will think for example.  It means I don’t have to think or worry about what they will think.

My Secret Blog- Explaining the reasons why my blog is a secret ...

I would never write anything that wasn’t true nor would I write overly negative things about my family – that is not the reason why I have chosen to keep my blog secret.  It’s that my blog is my own little space, my own little world which I can escape too – which has been invaluable for me since I became a stay at home mum – as personal space (mental or otherwise) is a valuable commodity.

I can write whatever pops in to my head the random things and the rambling things, and I don’t talk about my blog with anyone else (except my husband).  I like the separateness of it.  It works for me. I know that there are others who blog anonymously – as explained in a post by The Single Swan which explains her reasons for blogging anonymously as well as the fact that it comes with drawbacks.  I can totally understand her reasons. I also understand the reasons of those who blog championed on by their families – and that is great – both of these ways of blogging work for them and that’s amazing.

I know that I share my name and photos of Boo and I on here – so I am not in fact blogging anonymously and it wouldn’t be a disaster if anyone I knew found or read my blog – it’s just my preference right now.  That may change but I doubt it.

It’s like starting a fresh, a new job almost.  I can highlight the parts of my journey through parenthood that I want to share, and I can choose not to share whatever I want – I am in control. A lot has changed in the last couple of years – I am not the same Jenni I was… not the same as before I got married, before I suffered with HG and before I became a mum to my beautiful daughter Boo.   Essentially I am not the same person anymore – I am a new me.  And this new me deserves a chance to have her own voice, her own space to grow, her own place to decide what she likes, what she loves and what she doesn’t like.  With nothing influenced by others (no thoughts of ‘oh I can’t say that, what would my mum think’, or ‘oh I shouldn’t go on about that again because of…’ etcetc)

So I am Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops, my blog is a secret and I hope it stays that way.

Do you blog anonymously? Do your family and friends know that you blog? Read your blog? What do they think?

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