Well this is new and shiny… I am still trying to set things up and get to grips with things, I won’t lie I very nearly threw my laptop out of the window when choosing themes the other night, I had had a long day and there were so many and no one theme seemed to do everything I wanted.

Can I just say that I used an amazing guide by MumturnedMom which was invaluable, so well written and so very helpful, I can honestly say that I would have actually thrown my laptop out of the window before I even got to the ‘choosing a theme’ part if it hadn’t been for this guide!

I am not quite sure what self-hosting is going to mean, though it was great to spend hours picking a blog name! And I think it will take me a while to get to grips with all of the extra options now available to me, scary scary stuff.

It feels like a nice positive step to start the new year, and I hope me and Boo can share a lot of fun here!