Much to my surprise the sunflowers that Boo planted are still alive and thriving! (Note to self – one plant that I haven’t managed to kill!) They have grown so big on our window sill that we have now (finally) re-potted them and put them outside. Boo had so much fun!

Re-Potting Sunflowers with a Toddler - after getting over the shock of realising our sunflowers were still alive we realised we needed to repot them!

I say we… what I actually mean is Boo and her daddy re-potted them while I took pictures and tried to stay out of the baking sun! Though at certain times I did have to help as Boo was a bit over enthusiastic with the watering and we nearly drowned them several times! All I can say is that it was a good job she had her wellies on!

We got everything ready first – so that it is all to hand – Boo had her hands in everything so if we had had to get things we would have probably found she had run off with everything the second out backs were turned! We lined up our old and new pots outside and had the compost to hand too.

Repotting Sunflowers with a toddler

The we filled the new pots about a quarter full with compost – Boo didn’t really like touching it, but she did move a few pinches of compost from the bag to the new posts. We then watered the soil a little (Boo loved this bit!)  Repotting Sunflowers with a toddler 2

We then removed sunflowers from their old pots – we had left them a bit too long so it was tough to get them out of the old pots as the roots had poked through and started to grow together on the outside, we managed to save most of the roots though.

And then placed then sunflowers in their new home and fill with compost – again Boo wasn’t a fan of getting her hands dirty so the majority of this was left to daddy, she wouldn’t even help with pressing the soil down, she really didn’t want to get her hands dirty!

Repotting Sunflowers with a toddler 3

And of course water some more – Boo’s favourite part – even if it did take millions of trips to the tap as most of the water ended up somewhere other than in the new pots.  Boo had lots of fun though and that’s the main thing!

Repotting Sunflowers with a toddler 4

Then we secured the sunflowers – they are now taller than Boo and although we have been turning them every day they are still a bit wobbly even in the new bigger pots so we have tied them to the wall of the house so that they don’t blow over.

We then admired our work! – I think they look great and I can’t wait until we actually get some flowers! Can you see how impressed Boo looks…

Repotting Sunflowers with a toddler 5

We even got a totally sincere looking cheer when we were finished too…

Repotting Sunflowers with a toddler 6

Though I still have to remember to water them every day with this lovely weather we are having so please keep your fingers crossed that we actually get some flowers!