I can’t believe we are here in December already, it’s been such a fun month! I am writing this one a little early so that I can have a break over Christmas. There have been so many things I’ve loved in December and I hope that this carries on in to 2017!

Things I've Loved December

Boo’s 3rd Birthday!
She had such a wonderful day – she got lots of lovely pressies (both on her birthday and on her party which was the weekend before.) She loved her cake (which sadly I didn’t get the time to make) My husband and I bought her a camera which she loves. Boo loves taking photos of everything.  I can’t wait to share some of them on the blog in the new year. On her actual birthday we went to our local soft play and she had the best time climbing up high.

Things I've Loved December - Soft Play

We are going to have a wonderful Christmas – though yes I am cheating slightly as it’s not happened yet but I am adding it on here! Boo, my husband and I are going to stay at my parent for Christmas (along with my brother, his wife and their little boy). So it’s going to be a busy, noisy Christmas (with an early start I am sure!)

My new blog header
I am totally in love with my new blog header from Ellie Illustrates – isn’t it gorgeous! It is perfect – exactly what I wanted. I am pretty sure Helen is a miracle worker as I gave her the most random list of things to include and she has created something so wonderful! I love it right down to our odd socks! Print

Boo’s First Nativity
It was so cute to watch Boo and all her little friends at nursery perform their nativity. It was a milestone for us as it’s Boo’s first nativity. She had a great time, she sung all the songs and stayed still (a Christmas miracle!). She was a little Christmas Tree and still runs around singing her song! The photos I got weren’t amazing but Boo just looked so happy – I had to share it for Living Arrows 51 and here it is again.

Living Arrows 51 - Nativity

Putting up the Christmas Tree
This was so much fun, and Boo really loved helping us. She redecorates it daily so we never know how it’s going to look . It was also so amazing to go and get her latest Bauble made – I can’t believe this is going to be Boo’s 4th Christmas. We have a handprint bauble for each Christmas and they look so cute, and I can’t believe the changes.

Christmas Traditions - the four baubles Boo has made

Seeing Father Christmas on the Churnet Valley Rail Way 
My mum had a special trip planned for us all, so on the 18th of this month my husband, Boo and I, along with my mum and step dad headed out to this very special train station. Once we were there we met my brother, his wife and their little boy.  We had a our own little compartment, I felt like we were on the Hogwarts Express… almost. Then special chocolates, drinks and mince pies were handed out to us. Boo and her cousin also got a little balloon animal made for them. Then we had a visit from Father Christmas himself! Boo and her cousin received a gift each and they had a wonderful time watching out of the window. It was such a wonderful afternoon – perfect to add to the excitement of Christmas.

Boo’s Christmas Party
On the last day of nursery Boo went to her Christmas Party – she had a wonderful time and brought home a present and a big folder of all the artwork she had done since she started nursery. I love seeing all the fab things she has made and I have hung them all up as part of our Christmas decorations!

Boo’s Book Advent
It was such fun to create and it’s been even more fun to watch Boo find her book each morning (we have a cheeky elf who likes to hide the book each morning). So far Boo has discovered the elf riding her scooter in the kitchen, and hiding under her chair. She finds it’s so funny each morning, and that’s before she has even opened the book! I will, definitely, be making a Book Advent for Boo next year! Here is how he arrived on the 1st of December, with his friends.

Things I've Loved December Book Advent

Oh it’s been such a wonderful month already and it’s not even Christmas yet! What have you loved this month?

A Cornish Mum