It’s been a crazy month, I think if I had to pick a word of the month it would be ‘unexpected’, and in a good way! The first half of the month felt like it was a long dark slog to be honest with you. But I started to really focus on the positive, and it was a couple of weeks in that I found that I was actually feeling positive not just trying to be positive.

Our Bluestone Holiday
We were lucky enough to be invited back to Bluestone at the end of this month. And we were doubly lucky as my husband could get the time off work. So Monday the 23rd January we packed the car and headed to Pembrokeshire for a lovely holiday. We drove back yesterday, but it was wonderful and I can’t wait to share all of our adventures with you, I will be writing the review up over the next week. What an amazing start to the year (and a great big tick for one of the items on our Family Bucket List 2017 too!).

Things I've Loved - January 2017 - Bluestone Boo and the Dragon

Losing some weight 
I am trying not to think too much about this one, but I wanted to share that I am making an effort to lose some weight this year. It feels impossible at times due to my Fibro as I can’t really exercise but I am making little changes. I am really happy to say that I have lost 6lb since 1st January, so I am feeling positive about that.

The Seaside
We were really lucky with the weather whilst we were at Bluestone. In fact we got to visit three different beaches in two days. We all had an amazing time and I am glad we had the opportunity to go. I really do wish that we lived nearer to the seaside but what I am going to try to take away from this is inspiration to plan more trips to the beach, as it really is worth it!

Our Family Bucket List 2017 - Seaside

Being Positive
Now this is a bit of a vague one, but I do try to be more positive (I have a natural tendency to be a bit of a pessimist.) And it’s really helping me this year. I have a notebook which is solely for recording happy moments and positive thoughts and events. There are lots of lovely quotes written in it, and lots of bright pens being used. I am going with a no pressure approach so I can write nothing some days and that’s ok. I am looking forward to being able to look back over the year and see all those positive moments. This was inspired by the lovely Louise over at Little Hearts Big Love and her daily gratitude posts on Instagram which I love.

Boo’s New Ice Skates
Boo got some new ice skates this month and she is in love with them! She really loves going ice skating with her daddy each Saturday morning and I went to watch them earlier this month. She is amazing and has such a lot of fun. The photos I managed to capture of her face show how happy she is with her very own Ice Skates!

Family Time
We don’t get to spend as much time as we would like together but we make an effort to get together as often as we can. We all spent 3 days together over Christmas. And this month my mum, my stepdad, my husband, Boo, my brother, his wife, their son and I, all went for lunch at Nando’s. We always have a wonderful time and we have recently realised how important it is to make the time – otherwise the months really do slip by as all of us are so busy.

I have spent a fair bit of time reading this month. I love reading and so I wanted to make more time for myself to get some reading done and it’s been wonderful. I have also bought myself a couple of new books too. The book I have really enjoyed reading is ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King. It was so fascinating whenever I read it I just didn’t want to put it down. I am also really excited about a new book coming out from my favourite author, but I have a wait for that one as it’s due in November – I am making do with rereading the trilogy she already has out.

I am so glad we got some snow, it even stuck for a little while. Long enough for Boo to get out in the garden and make a wonderful little snowman. We also had a snowball fight too, which was lots of fun!

I have been seeing a new physio, as part of the Pain Management Course I went on last year. I have really found the new physio to be so understanding and I am happy to say that the exercises she has given me are really helping. She has given me a set of exercises which target my knees, they are hypermobile so we are working on strengthening the muscles and ligaments around them. I am starting to see some improvement and I hope if I carry on, I will see more. I have an appointment with her next week and we are going to target the next area, so fingers crossed I see an improvement there too.

I normally expect January to be a bit of a tough month, and it did start off that way. But this year, I feel very lucky and very happy to say that we have had a wonderful January. I hope you have too! What have you loved about this month?

A Cornish Mum