I have been thinking about this a bit… I spend time thinking about lots of random things… like biscuits.. but anyway… you get a herd of cows, a pack of wolves and an unkindness of ravens – but what is a group of toddlers called? I think there is probably a bunch of names that fit depending on what mood the toddlers are in (and how much damage they have caused!)

What do you call a group of toddlers - my suggestions about what a group of toddlers should be called - which of my ideas do you like best 

A Cacophony of toddlers – this could be saved for when they are being especially loud – like each and every time they should be quiet. ‘It was impossible to hear anything with the cacophony of toddlers nearby’ if you don’t like Cacophony there is always ‘a Scream of toddlers’ which is a nice alternative – should you need one.

A Chaos of toddlers – I think this one is my personal favourite – I find one toddler can cause utter chaos… ‘the scene of utter devastation was caused by a chaos of toddlers at a birthday party’

A Cuddle of toddlers – this is for when the are being cute and or asleep – mainly asleep – ‘there is nothing more adorable than a cuddle of sleeping toddlers’

A Dazzle of Toddlers (I have totally stolen this one – who knew another name for a herd of zebras was called a dazzle?) This could be after messy play… imagine glitter, paint and stickers everywhere… ‘The dazzle of toddlers left a trail of glitter in it’s wake that glinted in the sunshine’

A Destruction of Toddlers – this is another one I quite like – usually used to refer to wild cats – ‘she watched in horror as a destruction of toddlers rampaged through soft play’

A Flamboyance of toddlers – this fits perfectly too doesn’t it? I can imagine it now, they have all dressed themselves in their favourite outfits – pj bottoms, someone else’s top (on backwards) and a superhero cape fashioned from a pillow case… ‘the flamboyance of toddlers took fashion to a whole new level’

A Mischief of Toddlers – I think this really works – no matter what the situation or where the ‘mischief of toddlers’ is it just sounds right doesn’t it. ‘The librarian shuddered as a mischief of toddlers descended on the library’

A Pandemonium of Toddlers – this is another one I have borrowed from the animal kingdom – care to hazard a guess as to what animal gathers in a pandemonium? I think it’s fits toddlers quite well too – ‘She would never forget the noise and mess caused by a pandemonium of toddlers’.

A Wisdom of toddlers – this usually refers to wombats – but I think the honesty of toddlers could justify this name – ‘always heed the advice of a wisdom of toddlers’ (except when they tell you bogies are good to eat)

What do you call...a groups of toddlers - my suggestions about what a group of toddlers should be called. Which idea do you like best

I am sure I could think of lots more, there are tons of great ones from the animal kingdom…Which do you like best and do you have any other ideas for what a group of toddlers should be called?