I had a wonderful time at Blog On X earlier this month. And it was wonderful to discover some wonderful new-to-us ranges of Toys. On of these ranges was Baby Secrets, which look super cute!

aby Secrets Pram Accessory Pack - review

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There are three Accessory Packs in this range The Pram Accessory Pack, The Rocking Horse Accessory Pack and the High Chair Accessory Pack. I loved the look of the Pram pack, I think it was the baby with bunny ears that made it for me! I was asked if my daughter and I would like to share our thoughts on the Baby Secrets Pram Accessory pack and here they are!

Baby Secrets Pram Accessory Pack and Single Surprise Pack

The Accessory Packs each come with two babies and a secret baby hidden in a bath! There are 50 babies to collect! The Pram Accessory pack came with a cute blue and pink pram which the babies can lay in.

Baby Secrets Pram Accessory Pack exclusive babies

As well as the two exclusive babies, the one secret baby and the pram, the pack also includes three birth certificates so that you can name your babies and a collector’s guide too. My daughter has come up with the most delightful names for her babies, though these change by the hour!

Baby Secrets Single Surprise contents

We were also lucky enough to get a single surprise pack, in our goody bag from Blog On X. This means we now have four babies! They four we have are all really cute, my daughter loves the paint splattered baby and the bunny eared the best.

Baby Secrets Single Surprise

What’s really sweet about these is that you can fill the little baths with water and dip the babies in them. In the water the babies nappies change colour, to either blue or pink. My daughter has decided, however, that all of her babies are girls and that two of them just like to wear blue nappies rather than pink ones. I can’t argue with that!

Baby Secrets - Colour Reveal - Pink

The dolls are perfect for little hands and they are small enough that they can be take out and about. There are also no tiny bits of lose on our travels either. My daughter loves playing with her Baby Secrets and she really loves dunking them in water to make the nappies change colour. The colour change does last for a little while after they are taken out of the water, which is nice – though it’s never long before they ‘need’ a bath again!

Baby Secrets - Colour Reveal - Blue

We have had lots of fun with our Baby Secrets and the fact that there is that surprise element adds to the excitement. There are definitely going to be some more Baby Secrets added to our collection once my daughter has saved up enough pocket money!

Baby Secrets - Pram Accessory Pack - contents

The RRP for the Accessory Packs are £12.99 which I think is bargain and you can get the single surprise packs too. These single surprise packs contain one baby, one birth certificate and a collector’s guide too. The Baby Secrets range is available from loads of toy shops including Amazon*.

Baby Secrets - babies

We were given a Baby Secrets Pram Pack in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and words are my own. 


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