One of the big Christmas presents that we got Boo – and also one which has turned out to be her favourite is the BigJigs Fairy Town Train Set.  We have had so much fun in the couple of weeks since Christmas playing with this Fairy Town Train Set. So I just have to share it with you.

The BigJigs Fairy Town Train Set Review - sharing our thoughts on this wonderful wooden toy train set

I actually bought it month ago when one of our local toy shops was having a sale – it was one of the best Christmas presents I bought this year! We not only bought the Fairy Town Train set but also the Pink Brick Tunnel and the Pink Arched Bridge as well as a pink battery operated train.

The BigJigs Fairy Town Train Set Review - 1

I love wooden toys and I just love the endless possibilities that this set offers. It has 75 pieces which means that there are so many ways you can set up the track.  The only thing I feel is missing is a cross road so that we can set up a figure 8 but that will be the next thing on my list!

I like the fact that this set has trees and toadstools and houses, it means that it’s not just a set of train tracks but an actual town for Boo to play in and explore.  I am planning to build on to this and I have seen other items on the BigJigs site that are on my shopping list including several parts of the Dino and Farm sets.

The BigJigs Fairy Town Train Set Review - 2Boo is very happy to play with the train sets once we have set the track up – she really loves setting her battery operated train going and watching it (and trying to put obstacles in it’s way). But she also loves to help us build the track too – and we have had some weird and wonderful designs!

I can imagine that Boo is going to get many years of fun from this train set and as we get more bits and it grows she can make some amazing places to have adventures. She already talks about all the places her train is going and the adventures she is having.  She is really drawn to the unicorn – it runs along the tracks with the trains (and I love the little unicorn sign too).

The BigJigs Fairy Town Train Set Review - 3

The little wooden helicopter is a great touch and just that little something extra that really makes the set more complete.  On it’s own the helicopter has had lots of adventures and spend a lot of time in our Christmas tree!

The BigJigs Fairy Town Train Set Review - 4

The BigJigs Fairy Town set is fantastic quality and I know that it will last many years.  I know that I got it on sale but I would not hesitate to pay the full price for this set as I think that it is more than worth it.

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