My daughter absolutely loves anything to do with space right now, we are reading millions of space books each day and she is always asking questions and drawing pictures of her favourite planet (which is the dwarf planet Haumea – because it’s a different shape!). We’ve just moved house and are currently renting so there are limits to how we can decorate her room, but luckily StickerKid came to my rescue when they asked if I would like to do a review for them. And after browsing the fab range on their website I came across these wonderful custom Door and Wall Stickers.

Custom Door and Wall Stickers from StickerKid - review - Wall Stickers purple stars and pink astronaut design
These stickers are not only on a theme, but you can also personalise them with your child’s name – which I just love because then their bedroom really does become their space. There is a great range across both the Door and Wall Stickers so I will talk about them separately.

Photo Note: As you can see from my photos, I have edited them, but this is only to cover my daughter’s name and add my own in it’s place. I can tell you that the printing is of the highest quality and I am really impressed by the custom nature of these door and wall decals. My daughter’s name is a short one and the spacing and printing are wonderful. Please visit the StickerKid website, which shows lots of photos of how the customisation looks with both short and long names.

Custom Door Stickers

There is such a wonderful range of door stickers available from StickerKid, I knew pretty much straight away that we would be going for the Astronaut ones, as my daughter would love to be an astronaut when she is older. But there are princesses, pirates, a whole range of animals and even a race car too.

Custom Door Stickers from StickerKid Astronaut

Along with the large sticker there is also a scroll sticker which can be personalised with your child’s name on it. To make sure that everyone knows that behind the door is their room! Each of the ranges has a few different colour options and I was over the moon (!) to see that one of the options for astronauts was a female astronaut as it’s been surprisingly difficult to get hold of space related stuff that shows that girls can be astronauts just like boys!

The main astronaut sticker in our set was 18cm tall, which is fairly large, and I think the full set fits nicely on to our daughter’s bedroom door and it looks perfect. Not to cramped and not too small either. In the astronaut set you get 1 astronaut, 1 name banner, 1 rocket, 5 planets and 7 stars.

Custom Door Stickers from StickerKid - Astronaut Pink

The Door decals can be repositioned and removed and do not leave a mark, I can confirm this as we moved some of our stickers about and they left literally no marks and were just as sticky when we put them back on the door. The stickers are made from a weave which means that the won’t stretch. They can also be used on walls is you would prefer.

Which brings me nicely on to the wall stickers

Custom Wall Stickers

Again, just like the door stickers there is a lovely range of wall stickers which are perfect for the walls of a nursery or child’s bedroom. We, obviously, went for the stars, but there are gorgeous raindrops, hearts, clouds, spots and triangles too. And each of these shapes comes in a range of colours.

Custom Wall Stickers - Purple Stars

For the stars, and the custom shooting star, we went for the purple, though I loved the pink too and it was a tough choice. I love the purple and I think they are lovely and striking against the white wall we currently have in our daughter’s bedroom.

I decided to stick the wall stickers all on one wall because the other walls are covered in unicorn posters and other unicorn related things. I think that I managed to arrange the star stickers quite nicely, and there are enough to cover the full wall without it appearing too busy. The wall stickers are removable and re-positionable which is great if you want to change the room round or move house. They leave no marks on the wallpaper and we have saved the backing paper the stickers came on for when we want to change things round.

Custom Wall Stickers from StickerKid Stars - Purple

We love the Door and Wall Stickers from StickerKid, I am really impressed with the quality and I think they are a wonderful way to make a bedroom extra special. You can see the full range of door and wall stickers available on the StickerKid website.

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Custom Door and Wall Stickers from StickerKid - sharing my thoughts on the astronaut door stickers and the star wall stickers in the custom decal range


We were sent a set of Door and Wall Stickers for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and words are my own. 

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