I am a big fan of Disney and my all time favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast, so when I was asked if I would like to review Belle’s Tea Cart… I mean… when I was asked if Boo would like to review Belle Tea Party Cart I jumped at the chance.  So with out further ado… here is our Belle’s Tea Party Cart Review!

Disney Princess Belle Tea Party Cart Review - sharing our thoughts - I think it would make the perfect pressie for any little princess or prince!

I was a little surprised to see how large the box was that arrived and confess my first thought was ‘where are we going to put it?’ but once assembled it’s not too big and we have found that Boo keeps tidying it up and putting it under her easel in the corner of the room. The box it comes in is larger than the assembled Tea Cart – it is really well packaged.

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Belle Tea Party Cart - Box

Belle’s Tea Party Cart does need a bit of assembly, but it’s a case of clicking the ‘legs’ in to the base and the top of the cart and you are good to go – great for impatient little people! The cart also comes with batteries which is an added bonus! The switch under the top of the Belle Tea Party Cart has three positions ‘on’, ‘try me’ and ‘off’. The ‘try me’ mode just means you get a quick snippet of the Be Our Guest song when you press the rose button on the side of the cart.

Boo drinking tea

Once the switch is in the ‘on’ position you get a longer version of the song and the song also plays when the cart is moved (though it does take a bit of movement for it to keep going – I guess it is designed for younger children and a more sensitive sensor would just got all the time!)

Belle Tea Party Cart - Assembled

The Belle Tea Party Cart comes with Mrs. Potts, Chip and another cup as well as two spoons with a cute rose detail on the handle. These are all well made, from light plastic and they have survived Boo making us lots of cups of tea – so they are very sturdy! They are light enough for a toddler to play with for ages and Boo has really loved playing with her cart.

Belle Tea Party Cart - Mrs Potts

There is also an invitation included too, though Boo guards this closely. It’s a really nice added detail. In fact, the Belle Tea Party Cart has lots of wonderful details, each of the stickers on the cart both on the top and on the legs/sides are different – which gives added interest as Boo loves looking at them. Also the button to start the music is shaped like a rose, and there are lovely designs all over the cart, the base, the legs/sides and the tip of the cart. The wheels even have rose details on them too.

Belle Tea Party Cart - Invitation

The song is long enough that it’s not too annoying to listen to, on repeat, as an adult and the quality of the music is really good. And as an extra bonus I don’t find it too loud either. 

Belle Tea Party Cart - from the top

It’s already been played with a lot, both by Boo and my 1 year old nephew who wouldn’t leave it alone. Boo and my nephew had lots of fun though Boo was not impressed that he tried to drink the tea straight from Mrs Potts! Even when playing alone with it, Boo still loves to make tea for other people, be it me or even her teddies and dolls – which is lovely and she really loves sharing the cups (even if it means she goes without!)

Boo making tea

I am very impressed with the Belle Party Tea Cart it’s sturdy, well-made and sparks Boo’s imagination… and Boo makes me lots of cups of tea (even if they are imaginary)! I think this Belle’s Tea Party Cart would make a great present, either Christmas or Birthday for any little Disney Fans, and is available from various retailers, including *Amazon.

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