We love Fisher Price toys and Boo has had a number of them since she was born, including the Bounce and Spin Zebra.  So, when we were asked if Boo would like to review the Smart Stages Scooter from Fisher Price I jumped at the chance!

Review - Fisher Price Smart Stages Review - our review of the fantastic Smart Stages Scooter

The Smart Stages Scooter arrived in great time and was really well packaged, Boo was very excited as the box is almost bigger than she is! And we all know that boxes are very important to toddlers!

Review - Fisher Price Smart Stages Scooter 1

The Baby Ride On Scooter was very quick and easy to assemble.   Just a quick case of inserting batteries, (not included) behind a screw-on panel and attaching the handlebars to the rest of the Scooter, it took all of a couple of minutes, which was lucky as Boo was very impatient to have a go! The Smart Stages Scooter is for 12-36 months, and Boo is 20 months now, and she loves it. It’s exactly the right size and very sturdy I have no worries about it tipping over with Boo on it, no matter how much she dances to the music whilst sat on it!

Though Boo couldn’t even wait for us to put the handle on before she hopped proudly on to her new scooter!

Review - Fisher Price Smart Stages Scooter 2

The front wheel is solid and wide and the two back wheels are fairly thick and spaced really far apart about 20cm’s to keep the scooter sturdy. It works well on our hard floor and on the carpet and Boo has no trouble pushing herself along on it.

I can see the Smart Stages Scooter lasting Boo a long while, and it really has captured her interest and with the change in modes the Scooter will grow with Boo.  The scooter is well made and even the stickers have survived Boo attempting to peel them off.  I think it’s really well made.

I must say Boo’s favourite thing about the  Smart Stages Scooter is the range of sounds it makes, and the music is plays.  There are three different stages and Boo has played with, listened to and danced along with them all.

The Scooter has smart stages technology which is:
Level 1 – Explore – 12M+
First words and sounds spark baby’s curiosity
Level 2 – Encourage – 18M+
Prompt baby through questions and simple directions
Level 3 – Pretend – 24M+
Imaginative fun and early role play

The second stage Encourage is the one which suits Boo’s age and I think this is the one she gets the most out of as well.  When you presses one of the three traffic light buttons it tells you the colour and the shape of the button  I think that it is brilliant that the Scooter changes as your child ages – it will keep it interesting and allow them to learn as they play for many months.

I love the cartoony design of the Smart Stages Scooter, the bright colours and the smiley face – it’s bright, interesting and cheerful – it is also gender neutral.  Boo loves the Scooter and has even started to share her food with it feeding the face in what would be the headlight!

Review - Fisher Price Smart Stages Scooter 4

There are a number of buttons to press and each has different music, sounds and phrases and the key can be turned and makes a clicking noise too.  Boo loves to press the buttons and then dance to the music.  I think that Stage 3 – Pretend is going to be great for Boo in a couple of months as it asks the child to find the different shapes/ colours buttons – which I expect will really help her to remember them.

Review - Fisher Price Smart Stages Scooter 3

There are two switches, one to select the Stage and the other to turn the sound off, or have it at low and high volume, I do like the fact that there are two volume settings as sometimes full volume is just a little bit too loud! The Scooter also makes a ‘zoom’ noise when it’s wheels turn and Boo’s face lights up each time (I think she thinks she is going really fast!!)

Disclaimer: We were sent the Smart Stages Scooter free of charge for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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