We had a lovely holiday over at Bluestone Wales in Pembrokeshire earlier this month and we had an amazing time – you can read about our stay here. I had never actually been to Wales before so I was keen to experience as much as I could whilst we were there. We left Friday morning from Bluestone and on our way home we visited Folly Farm – it was amazing! This post might be a little photo heavy because we had such a fantastic time and I took millions of photos!

Folly Farm Review - a wonderful place for an amazing day out! See what we got up too and all the animals we saw!

I can see why everyone who has been raves about Folly Farm – it’s just incredible. I was prepared for a good day out – and it surpassed my highest expectations! Folly Farm is an adventure park, petting zoo and zoo all rolled in to one and they manage to fit an indoor vintage fun fair in there too! There is so much to do both indoors and outdoors that even if the weather is poor – you could still go and have a fantastic day with lots and lots to do.

There is literally something for everyone and it would take more than a day to get round and experience everything. I am going to follow the order that we found everything – but obviously once inside you can head for whatever part of Folly Farm you want.  On arrival you are given a map and the place itself is well signposted.

First place we headed to was the Jolly Barn which has lots of farm animals and some small play areas for younger children – Boo was more interested in climbing on the tractors than the animals but she did drag herself away long enough to stroke a lovely goat and to meet a guinea pig.

Folly Farm - the Jolly Barn - Goat

Folly Farn - the Jolly Barn - meet a guinea pig

I really liked this area, and there was a big board which listed the times that you could ‘meet’ different animals including rats and goats – it was very exciting for Boo.  The toys for the younger children to play on were great and Boo had so much fun playing on the tractors – she was a bit sad when we had to leave!

Folly Farm - the Jolly Barn Play Area

When we left the Jolly Barn we headed to Folly Interactive which was so much fun and Boo found all sorts of things to do, like drawing and looking at spiders!  There were lots of interesting animals in here including snakes and exotic birds.

Folly Farm - Folly Interactive - Parrot

There was a fab indoor section where your child could get their own interactive passport – stamping animals in to it as they went along and learnt all sorts of interesting things about animals and even had the chance to discover fossils of their very own!

Folly Farm - Folly Interactive Passport

Folly Farm - Fossils

Next we headed in to the Vintage Funfair which I totally failed to get any photos of! It was a great place for older children – Boo was too small to go on many of the rides. There were lots of funfair games which looked like fun. Games and Rides in the funfair cost tokens which were available at the machines which were dotted about inside the fair. At the back of the funfair was a massive indoor play area – and I mean massive – the photo really doesn’t do it justice – it was incredible and I can imagine older children would have no problem spending an entire day in there if the weather was wet for example.

Folly Farm - Indoor Play

There was also a smaller soft play area for younger children and Boo had a quick play and my husband and I got to have a sit down for a few minutes. There were lots of places to eat in this massive indoor area and there was alot of choice.

Folly Farm Indoor Play Soft Play

After that we headed out past some of the outdoor play areas to the animals – after promising Boo that we would come back and play in a little while.  It all looked very exciting and we were lucky that the weather which had started off cool and cloudy was warming up.

The outside animal enclosures were really impressive I have to say – lions, penguins, flamingos, and the rhinos – and lots lots more.

Folly Farm - Animals

Most of the enclosures has screens where you could take photos of the animals without having chain links in the way – which was great – though the lions didn’t want to move at first

Folly Farm - Lions

As well as having the animals there was lots of information about the animals and conservation – especially for the Rhinos which was interesting to read – even if some of the photos were hard to look at.

Folly Farm - Rhino

It was feeding time for the penguins which was lots of fun to watch and some of the penguins were sitting on their nests and which we got to see when the keepers lifted up the ‘rocks’ to feed them.

Folly Farm - Feeding time Penguins

Folly Farm Penguins

We saw the lions on our way back from the penguins were having a bit of a play and I got to witness a lovely exchange of a little girls saying to her parents (upon seeing the male lion sniff a female lions behind) ‘eeewwww that’s like daddy sniffing mummy’s bum’ to which mum replied ‘which doesn’t happen!’ it did make me giggle I have to say!

Folly Farm Lions and Jeep

We then headed to the outdoor play areas – and I really do think you could spend a day just on these too! Massive wooden ships, slides, endless fun – it was only the offer of ice cream that dragged Boo away!

Folly Farm - Boats

The diggers were a great feature and the huge sand pit too. It is a wonderful way to spend a sunny day!

Folly Farm - Diggers and Sand

Folly Farm - Digger Boo

I have had to cut this down and cut out so many photos as Folly Farm is such a huge and incredible place – this post would last forever! I would say that I enjoyed Folly Farm over more traditional Zoo and Adventure parks – it manages to be the best of both worlds and I cannot recommend it highly enough! Excellent value for money – the ticket prices for what you get access to once you are there is a bargain!

Folly Farm - Ice Cream

I am so glad that we got to go to Folly Farm and I can see why Folly Farm has won the award for the best Family Day Out in Wales.  I only have one complaint! That it is not nearer to us so we could go more often!

We were given tickets to Folly Farm free of charge – but all opinions and words are my own