I love this time of year, I love buying presents, and buying presents for kids is the best kind of present buying – everything is so cute or some much fun.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find things that are a little bit different, so you know that no-one else will get them the same thing. This is where Zazzle comes in!

Gifts for Kids from Zazzle - sharing my tops picks for Christmas presents for kids from Zazzle

Images courtesy of Zazzle

The options on Zazzle really are endless! I have spent lots of time checking out all of the wonderful stuff on the Zazzle website and I am sharing my favourites with you!

All of a sudden I have lots of children, to buy Christmas presents for, (before Boo arrived there weren’t any children I needed to buy presents for but now, happily, there are lots – which makes my Christmas shopping extra fun!

1.  Steampunk ‘StreamPowered’ Heart Tshirt* – I love this Tshirt, it is so cute, and I have never seen anything like this design-wise so I think it makes the perfect gift! It comes in all sizes and can be customised too – making it even more unique. Boo is going to look super cute, I went for white – I love the little frill on this design it’s just something a little bit different than a plain shirt.

2. Baby Bib – Boo doesn’t use a bib any more but my nephew does and these are just great – such variety. I think the Batman and Robin one would be fantastic as he a lot of superhero stuff.  And the Alice in Wonderland related ones as just wonderful and I could see a baby Boo in them!

3. Kitty Unicorn Kids Apron* – I think this is a great present for any child who is interested in cooking/baking – or any child who should. I picked this design for Boo as I think it is so cute! But there are lots of other fab designs for both kids and adults!

4. Custom Lunchbox – I love these, they are perfect for both older children (and adults) and the fact that you can customised them means that there will be no chance that they will have the same one as anyone else! There are so many to choose from again, but I think these I have linked are just fantastic.

5. Rainbow Colours Learning Clock – I love the way this looks, and I think it would be so useful when teaching your little one how to tell the time – all those colours and it interesting without being overly busy and too overwhelming.  If you would prefer something with the option to personalise a name on there is also the Colourful Learning Clock which I think is great too!

This really is only the tip of the iceberg, there are jumpers, posters, clocks, badges, bags, cups , keyrings and pretty much anything else you could think of.  There are so many gifts and so many options and that doesn’t even touch on the ‘Teen’ Section of the website as I don’t even want to think about Boo as a teenager!

I like the idea of Zazzle, the range, the customisation options and the fact that there are some really great designers working on there. I discovered Molly Harrison’s work which is just amazing. In fact I loved it so much I chose her designs for Boo’s invitations for her 2nd birthday* and her thank you cards* which I will write about in more detail later.

Gifts for Kids from Zazzle - sharing my tops picks for Christmas presents for kids from Zazzle 1

I will warn you though, once you start looking the time just disappears!

What do you like the look of on the Zazzle Website?

Disclaimer: I was provided the items marked with a * however all thoughts and opinions are my own.