It’s not secret that we are big fans of The Gro Company – we love lots of their products, from their Grobags to the Groclock.  So when I was asked if I would (or rather Boo would) like to review their Gro to Bed I was really looking forward to it. So here is our Gro to Bed Review…

Gro to Bed Review - our review of the Gro to Bed from The Gro Company - sharing our intial thoughts on yet another wonderful product from the Gro Company

The Gro to Bed arrived last week in it’s neat Gro Company packaging – and I was impressed from the start.  I love the design – Daisy Dreams –

it’s bright and cute without being over stimulating.  Once we had unfolded it from the box we could see the design in full and it really is so pretty. Perfect for a little girls room.  You can see the range of bedding from the Gro Company on their website.

Gro to Bed Review 2

The fitted sheet and pillow case are attached to each other (the pillow case is open at both end with extra folds of material to ensure that once the pillow is in it stays in).  The fitted sheet also has an elastic strap to ensure that the sheet is secure round the mattress.  And the duvet cover is separate and zips on to the sheet at both sides.   This design makes the Gro to Bed the perfect transition from a Grobag (and Grosuit if your little one uses them) to a normal duvet.

Here you can see the empty Gro to Bed.

Gro to Bed Review 3

What I like about the Gro to Bed is that there is no way for you little one to through the pillow and the duvet off the bed in their sleep accidentally – resulting in them waking up cold. Boo was terrible for wriggling out of blankets until we switched to Grobags, and she still moves about a lot in her sleep and I would worry about switching over to a duvet and pillow.

The quality of the Gro to Bed is great – the sheet, pillowcase and duvet are so soft and the stitching is great, and the zips, (just like on the Grobags) have their own little sleeve covering them when they are zipped fully up so that they are covered completely.

You can see, when I fold back the duvet part the the zips are covered by a little flap of material – which I have partially folded back so you can see the zip.

Gro to Bed Review 1

As you can see Boo had a whale of a time discovering the new set up for her bed – she was very impressed with her pillow and testing how well it was stitched on to the sheet by vigorously pulling on it!  It passed the test I am very pleased to say. I will be writing about how Boo has gotten used to the change in her bedding in a couple of weeks when we have had time to properly test it.

Gro to Bed Review 5

The Gro to Bed comes in both Cotbed and Single Bed sizes, we have the cotbed one as that is what Boo is currently sleeping in.  This size fits her standard cotbed mattress perfectly.  The cotbed size Gro to Bed is for use with a 4 tog duvet and it has a built in popper system (poppers inside the duvet cover at the top) so that the duvet does not slip down inside the cover. Pillows and Duvets are separate and spare fitted sheets are also available.

The Gro to Bed is priced at £49.99 on the Gro Company website. I think that this is great price, when  you add in the fact that you are getting a fitted sheet, and a very pretty duvet cover and pillow case.  It’s well made and I can see it lasting well – all of the Grobags/Grosuits we have are similarly well made and they have all lasted well and stayed looking great.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Gro to Bed free of charge for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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