Now this is a post I have been looking forward to writing all year! It’s been on my 2016 bucket list – as my husband and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for Christmas 2015 – and I must admit it’s taken us a while to arrange to get there but it was more than worth the wait!


It was amazing! My husband and I had a wonderful day there whilst Boo had fun with her grandma. A slightly rocky start with the traffic but we made our tour time slot and entered the magical world of Harry Potter!

I took millions of photos and this post has just a fraction of my favourites. From the moment you arrive until you walked out of the gift shop at the end of the tour it was truly magical! I can’t wait to go back, and would love to go and see Christmas at Hogwarts – maybe next year!

Harry Potter Studio Tour - Hogwarts Door and Dumbledore's Office Door

Harry Potter Studio Tour - Chimney from the Great Hall

My husband and I had digital guides which were brilliant and I would definitely recommend them if you are planning a trip. They really added an extra dimension to the tour and I loved finding out all those random bits of trivia about the films and the film-making process.

Harry Potter Studio Tour - Props from the films

Harry Potter Studio Tour - the griffindor dorm room

We were told at the beginning of our tour that it takes, on average, about 3 hours with the Backlot Cafe being about the midway point. It took us a fair bit longer to get round the tour but I needed a lot of rest stops along the way, there were lots of benches and places to wait and rest and listen to your digital guides. (And even with all those rest points it still left me needing the rest of the week to recover… it was worth it though.)

Harry Potter Studio Tour - Buckbeak

Harry Potter Studio Tour - Hagrid's Motorbike

I am tempted to let my photos speak for themselves really…. though i need to mention that my highlights were the Great Hall, the indoor sets like Dumbledore’s Study and the Potions Classroom, the Creature Effects room and of course Hogwarts Castle.

Dumbledore's Study

Harry Potter Studio Tour - The Sword of Griffindor

There were several photo/video ops along the way – including riding on a broom, darting through to platform 9 and 3/4 and riding in a carriage on The Hogwarts Express. Platform 9 and 3/4 also hosted a mini gift shop; it was mainly Hogwarts Express themed goodies along with some wands and sweets. My husband and I bought a wand each (because I NEEDED a wand) and I bought a chocolate frog and some Peppermint Toads. And breaking with my own rules I paid 5p for a Harry Potter carrier bag – because if you are going to spend 5p on are bag once in your life… it might as well be a Harry Potter one!

Harry Potter Studio Tour - Hogwarts Express and the Door to the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter Studio Tour - Death Eaters Meeting

Just after the halfway point, time wise, in our tour we reached the Backlot Cafe. Here we could sit and grab lunch if we wanted and try butterbeer and Butterbeer ice-cream. We opted for Butterbeer in a souvenir mug and I love drinking from my mug now at home – it reminds me of that wonderful day. I wish i could say that I loved Butterbeer but I didn’t – my husband liked it and I liked the ice cream but I just couldn’t like the drink itself which is a shame – I am glad I got to try it though!

Harry Potter Studio Tour - the potions classroom

Harry Potter Studio Tour - Snape's Potion Classroom

The main gift shop at the end of the tour was amazing, I could have spent a full weekend in there and I wanted to buy so much! I bought Boo a Marauder’s Map T shirt – which changes in the sunshine – and that it says she is ‘up to no good’ is spot on! The range in the gift shop is incredible and there is something there for every Harry Potter fan, from clothes and books, to chess sets and jewelry, and of course wands!

As you can see from my photos, it is spectacular and if you liked the books or the films I would definitely recommend the Harry Potter Studio Tour – I can honestly say our tickets were one of the best Christmas Presents i have ever had! So thanks Mum!! I think the late morning time slot we chose was perfect as it meant that we had time to get there, and then had nearly the full day there and felt like we had plenty of time and didn’t have to rush back home in the evening.

Harry Potter Studio Tour - Hogwarts Castle

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Have you been to the Harry Potter Studio Tour?

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Harry Potter Studio Tour - sharing the amazing time we had at the tour and a few of my favourite photos

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