It’s so wonderful to see how well my daughter adapts to new technology, I can’t believe that at 4 she is able to navigate her way around a tablet and even a laptop for certain games too. We don’t do lots of screentime, but it is a part of our lives and I think that in moderation it’s an amazing thing. So when I was asked if we would like to take a look at the LeapPad Ultimate, I agreed (and decided it would make the most wonderful 4th birthday pressie for my daughter.)

LeapPad Ultimate Review

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As you can imagine, when she opened her pressie she was so excited! She couldn’t wait to play on it. So it was great that my husband and I had opened it and set it up in advance. So instantly she was ready to go! She loved that there was a profile with her name on it, and she spent a while choosing her profile picture. She wanted to click on everything, the LeapPad Ultimate comes preloaded with a few apps and games and there are more available to download and purchase either through WiFi or with cartridges.

LeapPad Ultimate in Green Review - Back of Box

The LeapPad Ultimate is suitable for children aged 3-9 so it has a long life and my daughter is at the lower end of the age range, however in the few days since she opened her tablet she has had so much fun. I can imagine it’s still going to be a firm fave next Christmas. There are so many games and apps available within the Learning Library, over 8000, I imagine there is something there for every little one. We are still getting to know the preloaded apps so we haven’t had a look at the other apps available, but I intend to do a review in a month or so to update you with how we are getting on. As you can see from the image below the screen is great – this is an example homescreen which popped up during the set up.

LeapPad Ultimate in Green Review - homescreen

The LeapPad Ultimate weighs 540g and measures 23.9 x 2.5 x 15.2 cm so the screen is a decent size, but still perfectly easy for my daughter to sit with and play on. The Lithium Polymer battery is included as is the cable to charge and connect the LeapPad Ultimate to your computer. I would definitely suggest setting up the LeapPad Ultimate in advance so that your little one can get going straight away. A VTech account is required, but I already had one so it was just a case of logging in.

LeapPad Ultimate Review - On the Sofa

The LeapPad Ultimate is available in both *Green and *Pink we have the green one and my daughter loves it, though I do think the pink one looks lovely too.

We were sent the LeapPad Ultimate free of charge, all opinions and words are my own.