I love books, and it’s great to share books with Boo, not only the ones I loved as a child but new ones as well.  So when I was asked to do a review of a new book called Lolly in Sweetie Land – I thought it would be a great book to read with Boo.

Lolly in Sweetie Land Book Review - sharing our thoguhts on this book aimed at 2 to 5 year olds

Lolly in Sweetie Land is a book written by Susie Davids and illustrated by Dawn Larder – it’s aimed at ages 2-5 so Boo is at the younger end of the age range.  So we have lots of time to enjoy it!

The text is large easy to read and it rhymes, this makes it easy to read and it has kept Boo engaged when we have read it together.  The text is large enough that it will be great for when she is reading books for herself.

The illustrations are colourful and I really like them – they are very bright and there is a lot on each of the illustrated pages. They are in a different style to a lot of the children’s books we have been reading, the pages are busier almost. But it’s nice to have a contrast and read different styles of books.

Boo does get a little sad at some of the illustrations that show sad faces, like a doll on one of the pages, but it’s something that she has to get used to I suppose.

The whole story of Lolly is Sweetie Land is a reminder that it is very important to brush your teeth after eating sweets.  A warning from her mother is not enough for Lolly so a trip to Sweetie Land is needed! The monster there however is more than enough to convince her.

I like the way that the trip to Sweetie Land is because of a wish Lolly makes and that the fairy leaves a reminder in the form of her wand to make sure that Lolly knows that it was not a dream!

All in all I like this book, it’s a nice bright book which is easy to read and has an important message too.

Disclaimer: We were provided with a copy of Lolly in Sweetie Land for the purpose of this review but all words and opinions are my own.