As much as I was looking forward to the autumn – I do love this time of year, it’s perfect for having a hygge time (to use the Danish word) I do struggle toward the end of the winter with the lack of sunshine and light. It’s usually once January hits – Christmas has passed and it seems like there are a lot of cold dark mornings ahead. It’s been a cycle I have been aware of for years and I do have little tricks to try to ease how low it makes me feel. This year however I am going to have another strategy to try as I have been asked to review a Lumie SAD Desklamp.

Lumie SAD Desklamp Review - what we thought

I have been intrigued and wanting to try an SAD lamp for a while. I picked the desk lamp – blogging and getting some sunshine – perfect multitasking right?! The Lumie SAD desklamp looks like a normal desk lamp which is a good thing if you don’t want it to be too obvious that it is a SAD lamp, and I really like the way the Lumie SAD Desklamp looks.   The long bendy neck means you can move the light in to the right position and the sturdy base means it’s not going anywhere. The power cord is nice and long too.

Lumie SAD Desklamp - head

Turning the Lumie desk lamp on is a case of touching the sensor pad and then each subsequent touch moves up a brightness level and then finally switches the lamp off. This is an ok system but personally I would prefer there to be an on/off switch and then a separate sensor for the different light levels as it feels clunky to have to go through each level to finally turn the lamp off.

Lumie SAD Desklamp - base

I have been using the lamp for a month now and I am hoping that keeping those sunshine levels up will mean that I find the dark winter months easier! I will let you know the other side of Christmas. Lumie say that the “desklamp provides a natural energy boost and also doubles as a desklamp.” and list the main features of the desklamp as;
“2,500 lux output at 50cm for effective SAD therapy
Typically 30 minutes use
96 x blue-enriched white LEDs with an expected life of 30,000 hours
Touch control Dimmer
Removable Diffuser for fast treatment
Excellent light for reading and tasks
Adjustable Angle
Class IIa Medical Device.”

I like the way the Lumie Desk Lamp looks, it’s white and minimal with clean lines which I like – it helps keep my work space uncluttered (except for all the paper work that seems to accumulate there!). It’s large enough to give lots of light, if you just need it to be a lamp for example. It also comes with a diffuser which sits over the bulb too – this reduces the daily recommended treatment time from 60 minutes to 30 minutes which is great! The lamp can also be left on all day so that you can grab your minutes here and there throughout the day.

Lumie SAD Desklamp Review - Boo

I have only had one issue with the Lumie  SAD desklamp – in that it occasionally switches itself up through the levels, or turns itself on or off. Fearing ghosts! (Can lamps be haunted?) I did a bit of research and it seems that the Lumie SAD desklamp can be affected by nearby electronics … so I think it’s my wireless mouse, which is interfering with the lamp. This is a little annoying when you are trying to work and multitask with the SAD light (but infinitely less scary than the thought of a haunted lamp). The Lumie website states that leaving a distance of about 1m between the lamp and other electronics can solve the problem. No mean feat if you have a small work space -we have just moved house so I am thinking about where I can have my lamp in my new workspace so that I don’t have the issue. It will be perfect for reading with though – and might encourage me to sit and read some proper book books instead of ebooks on my Kindle!

I am really interested to see how the Lumie SAD desklamp works over the course of the autumn/winter, so keep your eyes peeled for an update in the spring. But so far I like my desklamp – despite it having a bit of a mind of its own.

You can see the Lumie SAD Desklamp on their website along with their full range of SAD lights

We were sent a Lumie SAD desk lamp free of charge. But all opinions and words are my own.

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