We spend so much time outside these days, with puddles to be stomped in (and snowmen to be made) we also have balance bikes and scooters to be zooming on as well. My daughter loves her balance bike, though she is excited to get a bike with pedals when she is a little bigger. So when I was asked if we would like to try out the Mini Hornet I knew it would be a hit.

Mini Hornet Horn & Light for both Balance Bikes & Scooters

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The Mini Hornet is a horn and light for scooters and balance bikes. It comes in a range of colours and I went for the Pink/Purple as I thought it would look nice with her pink balance bike and her new purple scooter (you can see my review of that here.) The Mini Hornet is compatible with most balance bikes and scooters, it fits on all of the bikes, scooters etc that I have tried it on which is amazing.

Mini Hornet - Balance Bike & Scooter Horn & Light Review

The Mini Hornet is really easy to attach to the handle bars, it’s simply two straps for the Mini Hornet and one strap for the Remote Control. The wire connection for the remote trigger to the Mini Hornet unit can be swung round so the trigger could be on either the left or the right handle bar depending on which one is better for your child.

Mini Hornet Horn & Light for both Balance Bikes & Scooter s (1)


The Mini Hornet comes with a remote trigger which makes the horn easy to use without your child having to move their hand from the handles bars. There are also two options for the colour of the lights, which are nice and bright (though you can’t really see the white light in my photo, I did find it very bright) both the green and white bulbs shine at 12 lumens.)

Mini Hornet - Balance Bike & Scooter Horn & Light Review - Green Light

The horn has 25 different sounds, including Bike Bell, Helicopter, Magic Spell and Reversing Truck. I really like the magic spell sound, my daughter thinks the burp and fart sounds are hilarious though.

You can check out the full range of Mini Hornets on their website here. The Mini Hornet is available from a range of stores including *Amazon. And priced currently at around £15 I think the Mini Hornet is a bargain.

We were sent a Mini Hornet free of charge, however all opinions and words are my own.