We have had a Motorola baby monitor since Boo was born, an audio only one but it has been great for us – so when I was asked if I would like to try the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor (Model: MBP853CONNECT) I said yes as I thought it would be interesting to see how it compared to an audio only monitor – and when we make the change from cot to bed – it will be easier to keep an eye on Boo when she tries to escape from her bed at bedtime!

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor review - we have been testing this baby monitor and here is how we've got on

The Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor comes with a whole host of features including;
Wireless Technology for local viewing
WiFi Wireless Connectivity for remote viewing
3.5 inch Diagonal colour screen
Remote Pan, Tilt and Zoom
Room Temperature Display
Two Way Communication
Infrared Night Vision
A range of up to 300 meters
Out of Range Alert
Sound Level Indicator
Low Battery Alert
5 Lullabies

There are also additional features through the Hubble Viewing App which is free to download but has some subscription costs attached.  We haven’t tested the Hubble Viewing App or connected the monitor up to our phones or other compatible devices as it’s not something we need right now.

The Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor came well packaged in it’s box and it was really easy to set up.  I was surprised by the size of the screen – it is bigger than I thought it was going to be. It has a stand which means it’s great to set up – and keep plugged in to the mains, so we don’t have to worry about battery and the screen is big enough that I can see it across the room.

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor Camera

The picture quality is great in both day and night mode – and it’s easy to see Boo in her cot even though the camera is all the way across her room.  It’s interesting to see how much she moves in her sleep!

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor Screen

The sound quality is amazing – compared to our old monitor – you can hear everything… even Boo snoring (which again seems incredible as the camera and microphone are across the room from her – and Boo’s is a good double size bedroom. We did have some issues with echos until we got the sound on the screen at the right level. Boo had endless fun making lots of noise so she could hear the echo though!

The fact that you can move the camera from the screen downstairs is fab – because if you wanted to set the camera up nearer to the bed so you could see a close picture then if baby moves you could move the camera too without having to go in and disturb them.

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor Review - sharing how we have got on with this baby monitor

I think the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor is a great monitor, with a great picture quality and amazing audio – it would be very reassuring and I would have bought a video baby monitor from the start if I had known how good they were.

We were sent the Motorola Digital Baby Monitor Free of Charge, however all opinions and words are my own.