We spend a lot of time outside, Boo and I – which is ok in the warmer weather, but as the weather starts to turn I do worry about Boo getting cold, coats are great but what about her legs! So, when I was asked to do a review of the Scampsuit from Muddy Puddles I said ‘Yes!’ and I have to say I am so glad I did!

Muddle Puddles Scampsuit Review - Sharing our thoughts on the Scampsuit from Muddy Puddles

The Scampsuit is a full waterproof suit, complete with an oh so cute fleece lined pointed hood. Not only that but it comes with a fleece inner part which is just soft and warm. Even on windy cold days (and we have had a couple already this year) Boo is toasty warm even when we are out for a long walk.

Muddle Puddles Scampsuit Review 1

The Scampsuit can also be worn without the fleece inner part making it perfect for those wet but not quite so cold days in early autumn and in the spring.  The fleece inner is easy to attached and remove – each arm and leg has a little popper to attached or detach it, and there is one at the back of the neck too to keep the fleece inner part in place. This is a really practical system as it’s quick to do (you want quick when you have a toddler waiting to go outside) and it means that you don’t get an arm or a leg of the fleece bunched up and lost.

When the Scampsuit arrived I was really impressed with the quality of the both the waterproof suit and the fleece inner.  The hood has a thick fleecing lining which is super soft and the waterproof suit is durable without being too bulky.

Muddle Puddles Scampsuit Review 2

The Scampsuit has washed and worn well and the outer suit is easy to clean with a damp sponge –  Boo got very muddy in her suit as she loves splashing in deep puddles! Boo has worn the Scampsuit on a number of days out and it’s been brilliant, keeping her warm and dry.

Boo has the Scampsuit in size 2-3 years which is a little bit big at the minute for her but I went a bigger as I didn’t know how many layers she would need under it. I shouldn’t have worried – the fleece inner really is that thick and warm.  Despite the fact that the suit is a little on the big side for Boo she can move about in it fine and it doesn’t hinder her movements at all. And it’s not too long that the legs or arms are over the ends of her hands and feet.

The Scampsuit is elasticated at the ankles and wrists which is great when Boo decides to explore that too deep puddle and when you couple the Scampsuit with wellies she is unstoppable!Muddle Puddles Scampsuit Review 4

She will even keep the hood up (or ‘hat’ as she calls is) which is a miracle in itself! The hood can tighten round the face – it has a velcro scrap on each side pulling the front of the hood down, which is great for keeping ears and necks warm and dry. There is also a little peak on the hood to help keep rain off their face.

Muddle Puddles Scampsuit Review 3

When the hood is up the tall point stands up – which is absolutely adorable and we have had so many comments about the suit and how cute Boo looks in it, and where it is from.

The Scampsuit retails at £59.99 which, I think is fair price for the suit, which is 3 in 1, the fleece inner (which can be worn as a separate onsie), the outer waterproof suit and the two together.

In terms of rating the Scampsuit – I would give it 5/5 overall as we really do love it that much.

  • Fit – 4/5 – more me as I went a size up but I am really happy with how it fits.
  • Quality – 5/5
  • Durability – 5/5 it still looks perfect even after a fair few wears – so it’s looking good!
  • Comfort – 5/5 it must be comfy with that soft fleece & Boo keeps asking to wear it!
  • Price – 4/5
  • Practicality 5/5  –  even my husband is impressed and said it was ‘really practical!’

We love the Scampsuit, and I have to say I have recommended the Scampsuit to everyone who has asked about it because it really is fantastic. And Boo is going to spending a lot of time in it!

Disclaimer: We were provided with a Scampsuit for the purpose of this review however all words and opinion are my own.