I have been looking for a cup – a cup which has proved difficult to find – all through the ages parents have searched for a cup… the cup… the grail … the one their toddler will actually drink from and I may actually have found it!

Munchkin 360 Miracle Cup Review

Boo doesn’t like to drink anything other than booby juice – no water – we can’t even bribe her with juice – we have tried cups, bottles, sippy cups – non-spill and otherwise, beakers, beakers with straws …. well you get the picture.

So as you can imagine I was actually quite pleased when I was given a free cup for Boo to try from The Baby Show.  I really like the look of this cup – non spill is always good as Boo loves to wander around and splash water everywhere!

Munchkin 360 Mirarcle Cup Review 2

It’s not the largest cup (holding 7oz or about 200ml) but it holds enough and I can see how much is left.  I love the fact that it is just three pieces and they are easy to fix together and easy to take apart – yet small hands have not yet managed to suss out how to open it (and spill it everywhere),

The three parts of the cup are really easy to clean and I love the fact that it’s so simple in it’s design and that there are no difficult-to-reach bits when it comes to cleaning. Some of the other cups we have had in the past for Boo are such a pain in the bum to clean.

Munchkin 360 Miracle Cup Review 1

I think this cup is a great transition cup from a sippy cup to a fully open cup and the fact that it is non-spill means it can be take to places where floods of water/juice wouldn’t really be appreciated.

Disclaimer: We were given this cup when we attended The Baby Show but we were not asked to do a review – I have reviewed it because I wanted too and all opinions are my own. 

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