I have said in the past how much Boo and I love Messy Goes to Okido on CBeebies, she loves watching it and she also loves her talking Messy Monster too. So when I was asked if we would like to take a look at the Okido Magazine I said yes please, as I knew Boo would love it!

Okido Children's Magazine review - for children aged 3-8

Okido is a magazine for children aged 3 to 8. So Boo is a little on the young side but she is 3 next week (how can that be!) and we had lots of fun with the Okido Magazine. Each issue has a theme and is filled with Stories, Activities, Games, Doodles, a Recipe and a Poem. I did worry about what Boo would think about the fact that there are no stickers (stickers are her favourite part of her usual magazines) but she loves her Okido Magazines too much to miss them!

Okido Magazine - what's inside

The Okido magazine comes out every two months, and there are various subscription options available on the Okido website. The magazine is printed on FSC paper and is printed using biodegradable inks. I am also really pleased to say that there are no adverts whatsoever in the magazine, which is great. Boo only watches CBeebies as I can’t stand endless toy adverts telling children what they ‘need’.

Now, on to the fun stuff! There is so much to do in each issue, and so much to learn. The magazine is filled with pointers and games which jump start curiosity and learning about the world. The issues we have cover, Water, Emotions, My Garden and My Body. They are just so interesting and Boo had a great time with the activities.

Okido Magazine - emotions

I love that whilst stills for the cartoon do feature, they aren’t on each page, and there are lots of illustrations in a cartoony but ‘real’ style (if that makes sense. This is important when learning about the body for example, – so children can recognise the parts they can see and imagine the parts they can’t.

What I love is that the Okido magazine has sparked lots of questions from Boo, she loves finding out how things work and how they are made, and also why things happen. I do love having these discussions with her (though just not at bedtime!). I think that it’s so important to nurture the natural curiosity that Boo has – and I want her to find learning fun, and I want her to lead the way on her learning journey. But it’s also nice to have some guidance and jumping off points to start discussions or to introduce new and exciting topics to her.

Okido Magazine - the body

We really love the Okido Magazine, and we would definitely recommend it!

We were sent for issues of the Okido Magazine. All words and opinions are my own. 

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