We spent a wonderful day at the Sealife Centre Birmingham and I thought I would share how we got on, and some of the photos I took. Boo, my husband and I had an amazing time, and Boo was captivated by pretty much everything. It was the perfect way to spend my birthday.

The SeaLife Centre Birmingham - our wonderful day out, the perfect way to celebrate my birthday

Boo got a Diving Passport when we arrived, and she had to find the stamps and stamp her book for a reward at the end, she was so excited when she saw the next one and she collected every single stamp! She got a medal at the end when we hit the gift shop and was so proud!

Sealife Centre Birmingham - Seahorse

I took a fair few photos, though some of them turned out better than others, I love this one of Boo and the Ray – so much so, that I shared it for #LivingArrows 46 earlier in the week  It just shows how much Boo loved her time at the Sealife Centre Birmingham.

Living Arrows 46 - Boo at Birmingham Sealife Centre

Boo loved exploring and wanted to see everything, she loves the Penguins and the Ray, she also liked the jellyfish too. I have to admit that I usually find jellyfish really creepy but even I could see that they were incredible.

Sealife Centre Birmingham - Starfish

About half way round we came to the 4D theatre, which was showing The Octonauts Amazon Adventure, we had not idea it would be showing and it was a nice extra surprise. Boo kept her 3D glasses on for the whole time, which was about 15 minutes.   We had such fun as our chairs shook, we were squirted with water and it rained bubbles. ,

Sealife Centre Birmingham - Penguins

The walk round the SeaLife Centre was easy to break up in to short stages as there were lots of chairs and benches along the route, which is a necessity for me. There was a lift down from the top of the building to the bottom where the penguins were, along with the photo shop and the gift shop and a soft play (which Boo didn’t want to leave).

Sealife Centre Birmingham - Penguins Underwater

As well as being able to look at all the wonderful animals there was the opportunity to touch a starfish, which Boo declined.  She loved playing under tunnels of water, and even walked through a tunnel surrounded by the large tank, which housed the turtles.

Sealife Centre Birmingham - Clown Fish Tunnel

I would definitely recommend a visit to the SeaLife Centre as we had a great day and it’s wonderful to hear about all of the conservation they are doing and how important it is. It really was the prefect way to spend my birthday and I can’t wait to go again!

Have you ever been to the SeaLife Centre?