I love taking photographs, I have literally thousands on my phone and camera but I rarely delete any photo. I love looking through photos, especially since my daughter was born. Unfortunately, however I have realised that I don’t really get many printed out. Which is a shame isn’t it really? As looking at a photo on a computer or phone screen isn’t the same as having a physical copy, or better yet a copy in a frame, or printed on a canvas. I really have been meaning to print out more of my photos, so when CanvasChamp asked me if I would like to do a review for them I agreed as it was the perfect opportunity for me to get one of my favourite photos printed on canvas.

Personalised Canvas Print from CanvasChamp Review

CanvasChamp have a range of custom canvases available from 20cm by 20cm to 135cm by 135cm and lots in between. There are also custom sized canvases if your favourite photos needs to be a certain size/ratio. Canvas prints start from £3.99 which is exceptionally cheap and even the larger sizes of custom canvas prints are under £20.

Canvas Print on white wall close up

There are even a range of edges available for your custom canvas prints including Mirror, Wrap and Colour. I love the fact that there are so many options available to create something that’s perfect to show your photos. The photo I chose t have printed on the photo canvas is one of my favourite photos.  I just love that it highlights the wonderful relationship between my daughter and her daddy.

Canvas Print on WallI love my Photo Canvas Print from CanvasChamp, the colours are amazing – though the photos I have taken in the muted Winter sunshine don’t really do the print justice. The blue of the sky is really lovely and the whole print is really crisp and bright. Now that I know how simple and cheap it is to get one of my photographs printed I have a feeling that many more canvases are going to appear around our house.

We were sent a personalised photo canvas print free of charge. All opinions and words are my own.